Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hope for Agapanthus Blooms

 Agapanthus africanus sp. early June, 2010

Last year the islands in a parking lot at a big box store in Tallahassee FL some 60 miles south of here were filled with Agapanthus, huge, stunning Agapanthus with heads almost the size of soccer balls. My agapanthus were not nearly so showy but lovely just the same. We went to Tallahassee on Tuesday. The agapanthus are spotty, a few here, a few there. Mine have not one bud.

What's wrong with Agapanthus africanus? Was it the extended cold in January? Meems has Agapanthus blooming farther south in Florida and other bloggers are showing Agapanthus in bloom.
I thought mine may have been dry for too long last month. They irrigate regularly at the Big Box still with disappointing results. I read dozens of posts from gardeners whose Agapanthus bloomed not at all. I am thinking maybe a little fertlizer might be helpful after I next water.

The name Agapanthus comes from the Greek agap, meaning love, and anthos, meaning flower, translating broadly as the flower of love.

I'm trying to benignly neglect them and try not to love them to death in hopes they will finally bloom. My Kniphofias bloomed after everybody else's, too.

2009 'Storm Cloud' Agapanthus

I kept looking. I found 2010's pics. Agapanthus bloomed in July. There's hope.

July 2010 blooms. I can hardly wait for July!

Meanwhile, Kniphofias are blooming all of a sudden.

Cycas revoluta finally has new fronds.

The first Milk and Wine crinum bloom appeared suddenly.
I'm eager for crinums, too. They tend to appear after a huuricane.

We have a whole summer for blooms.
I need to learn patience.


  1. I am hopeful for agapanthus also - too dry for most anything right now in my garden. I'm holding out hope for both of us! Your crinum is lovely!!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Here's hoping your Aggies burst into bloom very soon. Your Crinum bloom is beautiful and your Cycas looks fantastic with its' new fronds.

  3. I do hope they bloom for you soon, they've become a favorite of mine... to adore in bloggers gardens, sadly, they wouldn't survive our Winters here.

  4. Having a photo journal of bloom time from previous years has been nice for me (in my last home). I need to build a new photo library for SC. Glad there is still hope for your Agapanthus, they are lovely. Crinum lilies are big here in the south, more so than Virginia, which I thought was the south too...but....well, certainly not deep south! I like your red and white stripe, what a bold presence in the garden.

  5. My Agapanthus has not bloomed for me this year yet either. Everybody in Central Florida seems having them blooming in their gardens already, but not in my South Florida garden. Let's hope they bloom soon for both of us!

  6. I smiled at your last line. I find myself impatiently waiting for the next bloom and when it comes, the next. Gardening is meant to teach us to enjoy the moment I think but I haven't quite learned the lesson.

  7. Aww, sad agapanthus! I love this plant too, and wish it was more hardy here. We had a colder spring, which made the flowers a little sluggish. Kniphofia is another one of my faves that's not quite hardy here, but I can't wait to see yours!

  8. Such pretty blooms. I love the Agapanthus and I am tempted to try some in pots and over winter them in the basement.They may end up a feudal attempt like my amaryllis bulbs though. LOL!

  9. Patience is hard to learn! Love your cycas! My agapanthus didn't live past its first winter. I hope yours bloom in July.

  10. Nell, I hope you get some blooms on your apaganthus. They are such beautiful blue flowers. I sometimes fantasize about growing them in containers in my garden and moving them indoors somewhere for the winter. -Jean

  11. Get out of here! You were just in my city!!!! Mine are beginning to bloom now, yours will. Around the Governor's Square Mall they are beautiful right now with a couple of white one's mixed in.

  12. Ah yes, patience. It is a tough thing for us gardener since we SO anticipate certain special plants and only really wish to know when they will bloom. I think there is still plenty of time for your agapanthus blooms and hope they bloom wonderfully for you. I bet they were a sight in the parking area in Tallahassee.

  13. Hmm, interesting about your agapanthus. I wonder if they have on and off years like some plants do. I wish you luck with it! Your crinum is lovely.


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