Thursday, June 16, 2011

How Hot Is It? The Cat Knows

You know it is hot when the cat drinks from a birdbath while
birds play in the sprinkler over in the azalea bushes.

Daturas are opening quickly in the heat.
Purple Datura below in bud.

Hoses are in every picture.
Rose of Sharon, Hibiscus syriacus

Hot Tropicals: Pride of Barbados and Esperanza.

'Watermelon Pink' Crape Myrtle,
tall as the security light in the back yard.
Crape Myrtles are a sure sign of real summertime in the South.

When the afternoon temps reached triple digits we let the cat come inside.
(He enjoys his own electric fan outside.
He has food and fresh water available at all times.)
I heard crunching. He was eating the dog's dry food.
Drinks from the birdbath, eats dogfood. I think the heat has affected his thinking.


  1. I like the hot tropicals. Which one is which? We've had a brief respite from the heat in central NC, but it's returning soon ...

  2. Garden hoses are everywere here too. Your Datura is pretty, mine looked like that this morning. Is your purple one a double? Your cat is too funny, this made me giggle.

  3. I love how the cat finds water wherever he can...and that night shot is a!! We get into the high 80s and I hate it...I cannot even imagine the heat you have.

  4. Been hot here also. Not crazy about 90 plus temps. This week should only get to 85. Waiting for our Crape Myrtle, to bloom. Daturas are stunning and that's a nice bed for them.

  5. He is more concerned with getting a drink on a hot day. Besides it knows you will feed it. LOL! Does your cat try to catch the butterflies? The Crape Myrtle is gorgeous!

  6. The Daturas are great! Your kitty is definitely cute. No crape myrtle blooms here, yet. Usually July for us.

  7. You are lucky to be able to grow such lovely tropicals. We are having a cooler wet spring, and the cool weather plants are loving it.

  8. What temperatures! wow. Our season still doesn't feel like it has begun, still cold and rainy up north. When it does get warm the cats all disappear under the porch where they sleep through the heat of the day.

  9. I think the animals just like sneaking the food. Our dog loves the cat food even though he has his own good ration.

    I do love the south's crepe myrtles. They just don't do quite as good here although I have seen some that were quite large.

  10. @Nell Jean, I got another dark red for you, even darker than "Blackout" if you can believe it, its Landini, I think Becky's Bulbs has it but not sure....its nearly black in places on the petals. I hope if you get it you enjoy it as much my wife and I do. And thanks for the welcome to GBBD and Blotanical. South of Rome? Hey that's just down the road a piece...:) Hope you'll visit again for GBBD or for some little stories I bet you can relate too, the gardening ones anyways. Hope to see you again soon.

  11. sorry bout that I goofed on my post.......:)


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