Friday, June 24, 2011

In Praise of Purple, and Pipevines

Frances defended Yellow at Fairegarden and our new Blotanical member, Paul, wrote about his White Garden up in Alabama not far west of where my own Mama gardened in Georgia. I went out to look and photograph and decided to show you all some Purples, from pale lavender to brightest Magenta and on to richest Purple. When I reached the lavender Lantana montevidensis, there were Pipevine Swallowtails. I'd seen one now and then lately. The latest swarm is arriving daily now.

The noise you hear toward the end is an old truck going by. Most of the butterflies I am seeing now are Pipevine Swallowtails and Dogface Sulphurs and Skippers. They are particularly attracted to Lantana and Tithonia.

The three following pics are the flowers in the video:
Laura Bush Petunias are at the very front with
Melampodium -- more yellow! -- behind, then
Lantana montevidensis, Duranta and Tithonia.

Tithonia with Ratibida and Gulf Muhly grass down the side.

Dogface Sulphur on Lantana. They ignore the Mexican hats.

Now on to the Purples I started out to show.

Datura. I love the shiny black stems.
Oh, and more yellow!

Persian Shield and a Purple Pentas in the Upper Garden.

Purple Heart and Alternanthera.
I am very fond of chartreuse alternanthera but
it is extremely slow to grow.
Black eyed Susans lay down in the wind the other day.
It's about time to yank the Susans and let
Daturas and Periwinkles take the stage.

Alternanthera and 'Lilacina' Crape Myrtle. 
 Verbena on a stick appeared with the alternanthera.
Yellow (again) Lantana in the right background.

I mentioned Duranta. It finally has begun to bloom,
but is not enough to show just yet. I want you to
be able to see the wide open blooms.

Vitex has mostly turned to 'Monks' Pepper'
but new blooms have started since the rain.

Butterflies seek out magenta Zinnias.

Another Pipevine vine growing over some old
peach tree sprouts. Pipevine has buds.

For the record, I cut 8 pods of okra in my patch on Thursday.


  1. oh my goodness, that Datura is gorgeous! And I love the pic of the butterfly about to land on the flower. These are gorgeous pictures!

  2. I agree with BL! The datura is stunning. I've never seen one that wasn't white.

  3. We had two pinevines and a spichbush on our phlox yesterday they we having a fit with all the watered blooms. Our forecast for the next 7 days the lowest high is 92 degrees no rain.

  4. I love that purple datura! I'm growing Tithonia this year for the first time, but they really do not like our cold and wet spring.

  5. Purple is one of my favorite colors in the garden. I pair it with orange a lot...just love those two colors together. Great shots of butterflies visiting your lovely blooms.

  6. I love purple, and paired with yellow like you have in a lot of the pictures, it's quite striking. Beautiful datura. Congrats on the okra!

  7. I love all the purple, with the Persian Shield, Lantana, and especially the gorgeous Datura bloom! Clearly the butterflies approve too!

  8. My purples (or in the family of purple) are mostly garden phlox and they are just beginning.

    I love the contrast with the yellows.

    My little okra row needs hoeing before I loose them in the weeds!

  9. I love yellow, magenta, and any other raucous color combination that makes the wildlife happy! I have a pipevine growing up a trellis on my front porch. I just planted it last fall and it's already grown about 2 ft. :o)


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