Sunday, June 26, 2011

Think Pentas and Magentas in the Butterfly Garden

Pentas lanceolata attract butterflies in the summer garden. They come in various shades of pink, in red and in white. The white is lovely as is the red. Butterflies seem to prefer the brightest pink. I like bold magenta shades, too.


Perennial Phlox. Salvia leucanthum, Strobilanthes and Crocosmia.
Salvia will bloom in the fall.
Crocosmia is coming into bloom with beautifully clashing orange.

An old gladiolus, name long lost.
Its companion is Crocosmia in bud.

A short video with a Butterfly and Pentas in the wind.
The noise is from the wind. We got wind, no rain.

A Gulf Fritillary also visited for a brief moment but did not hang around for photos.


  1. The color of that gladiolus is luscious. I like the crinum, too, its one of the types of lilies that can grow here in the tropics.

  2. I cannot believe I forgot to even seed any Pentas this year. I always love them in my containers. That is such a pretty Gladiola Nell. Have a wonderful week.

  3. Nell,it is comforting to see another gardener has some clashing colors.
    Some of mine bother me so much I have made a list of what has to be daylilies with lots of pinks and purples!

  4. I've always had Pentas in all my gardens. It's such a terrific plant for our tropical conditions and blooms all year round here. The butterflies and bees love them. I so enjoyed your video clip, watching that lovely thing feasting on the blooms.

  5. I like the idea of that crocosmia blooming alongside that gorgeous red glad. It should be a striking combination.

  6. Here I thought you just liked yellow. Nice color!

  7. Lovely colours, and the short video really brings a garden blog to life. Thank you

  8. Love that gladiola! And your crinum is a beautiful color.

  9. wonderful colors to attract any pollinator

  10. NeilJean,

    Pentas do not attract butterflies very well here, nor does lantana like it does further south. Our phlox had lots of Pipevine Swallowtails like your butterfly the other day. Phlox is really bringing in the swallowtails.

  11. My neighbor has a huge pot of white Lantana at the corner of her garage. Today as I started into the house, there was a Zebra Swallowtail nectaring there. Lantana is perhaps the most popular nectar source around here, but Tithonia is a close second.


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