Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Crinums and Figs in the Heat of July

Last evening I went to watch my neighbor do her electronic blood test that can now be done at home instead of weekly at the doctor's office. Around a high-limbed pecan tree was a bed of yellow lantana and heirloom orange daylilies. Visiting was a Pipevine Swallowtail, a Zebra Swallowtail and an American Painted Lady -- and I had no camera! Butterflies seem not to mind that rain clouds keep missing us.

Ellen Bosanquet

Garden name, "Collins Road Crinum"

Crinum "Jagus" ready to bloom when a storm comes.
I hoped for white blooms for Hope Grows Day.

Jagus in front of 7' Solidago plants.



and more figs.

We urge the neighbors to pick figs. We made preserves.
The dog and I like ours fresh from the tree but we cannot
eat all of them.

We are enjoying okra and zuchinni.

July can be a discouraging month until that rare 'cold day in July' comes behind a good rain.
I have to go out now and drag hoses. Only figs and okra got a drink yesterday.


  1. Hmmm.... waiting for that rare cold day! Understand completely about dragging hoses around. But, I am very much impressed with your figs! I have decided to acquire a fig tree - just haven't decided where to plant it. I didn't realize it would produce so many figs, though. My grandmother had one and she would make her own Fig Newtons. We ate 'em up!

  2. I love figs, but don't have a tree here....once upon a time, I did. Why not again? Hmmm...going to have to check the deer resistance! Thx for posting on this as I've not thought of the tree in years.

    The 7 foot solidago....got 'em! :-)

  3. I really do like your fig tree. We had a dry period a few weeks ago, but now we have been having rain. I hope you get some rain very soon. Happy Hope Grows Day!

  4. I love visiting and seeing all these exotic Southern plants! LOL! I've never had figs or okra before, but yours look wonderful despite the lack of rain. Happy Hope Grows Day, too!

  5. Dragging hoses.....been doing the same here daily.

    I have never tasted a fresh fig! It sounds wonderful to have them growing and I think maybe one variety is supposed to be hardy here.
    I won't risk it though. I have a hard enough time growing plants that are safe for my zone!

    I always enjoy seeing what is happening 'down south'.

  6. If I was closer I could help you eat them figs. I just planted a small bush so maybe next year I will be asking for your preserves recipe. The only one I have ever tried was with strawberry jello which was good but I love a good fig preserve.

    Your Crinum are beautiful. Can't wait to see the others bloom.

    Take care and hugs from Savannah, Cherry

  7. Happy Hope Grows Day!
    The Crinum are gorgeous. I hope you get your wished for rain soon.


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