Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Butterfly Videos and Random Comments

Hot and humid weather leads to inactivity which leads to boredom. I went out to get another butterfly video and just missed a hummingbird at the Duranta.

The contraption at lower right of the Duranta is an armadillo trap. Our new plan is to catch and release up at the hay field to root up fire ant mounds in our hay field. We noticed that they were eating fire ants in the yard. Fire ants may not be the delicacy that they perceive grubs and worms, but they seem to be effective. We need to mark them so we know whether they come back home. I read they have a 4 mile range.  One went to the hay field this morning, almost a mile from the house.

The Tiger I saw was too fast to get a decent glimpse. He must have been newly hatched.

Yesterday afternoon I saw that Curcuma is blooming. It started raining before I could get to it with a camera today as soon as I finished the Duranta vid. It is a joy to have a garden in summer. My new Porterweed plant bloomed and it is blue/purple. Still lots to look forward to even when the heat and humidity are oppressive.

Secrets of a Seedscatterer


  1. Well, I am so glad I read this! I have been cursing the armadillos around here - they root up plants and make holes in the grass walkways. But now you say they will eat fire ants! I have newfound respect for them now!

  2. DH says that given a menu, they'll eat grubs and worms first, fire ants when there's nothing else. We did notice the mounds being disturbed and apparently they clean them out pretty well.

    We're now giving them a chance to go to the hay field and grub fire ants before they have to go to the 'dillo graveyard.


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