Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Last Gardenia and a Look at Upper Garden

Every gardenia blossom in late July is potentially the last. This one is the only open bloom today and pretty enough to show up from a distance.

A little flight of steps leads up between gardenia bushes to a landing and
path through the azaleas to the Upper Garden.

Lirope is starting to bloom.

I favor begonias over impatiens because
they can get by without water for a whole day
when impatiens are fainting in the heat.

Little Gem Magnolia between flushes of bloom.
Close up pics of some of the plants shown are Here
Graptopetalum and Persian Shield.
The red flowers are Pentas, Brazilian ruellia and Begonias.

New Magnolia buds are forming and there are many seed pods from
previous blooms. This pic is from last Saturday when it rained.

All the paths are grass, cool in the shade and easy to reshape when I change my mind.
I took a weedwhacker to one edge of the one on the right on Monday.

A video attempt to capture Dogface Sulphurs on Duranta.

Sulphurs fold their wings when they light so you never really see them in all their glory except when they fly. Then they dart around and hideYou have to look hard to see them on the plants.


  1. Oh, what I would give to have gardenia blooming in the garden. Even if they are planted as an annual, they seem to do poorly. As a house plant, they commit suicide. I love the flower and the fragrance. This year I put my jasmine outside and it is going crazy with a second bloom. Some Southerners are a bit fickle.

  2. Gorgeous gardenia photos. You have a lovely, large yard.

  3. I miss gardenias! I grew them in my garden in SC but they're unreliable here. Love love love magnolias!!! Your garden looks very inviting. :o)

  4. Mmm, I can almost smell the scent of gardenia. My Mom used to have a huge gardenia bush and a magnolia tree before she moved. Makes me homesick for New Orleans.

  5. I always enjoy walks through your gardens. I feel right at home.

  6. I love gardenias. No hope of mine blooming but loving yours.

  7. Lovely photos-that gardenia is so pretty and pristine looking! Enjoyed the garden tour in the cool of my office!!

  8. Beautiful gardenia pictures. Between the gardenias and the magnolia your garden must smell wonderful!

  9. Oh Nell… I do love that gardenia flower… being someone that has decorated a few cakes, to me, it’s like it is made of fondant. What a beauty… love the deep glossy looking leaves too :-D

    I also love the garden view in the last photo showing your curving grass paths… I especially love the ‘easy to reshape’ idea… that definitely appeals to my style of ever changing gardening ;-)

  10. How pretty Nell. I would love to able to grow them in my garden.Nothing does well in the house so I will enjoy your pictures of them. The Persian Shield really stands out in your bed. I think they are so lovely. Do you grow gardenias from your seed pods?


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