Sunday, July 17, 2011

Porterweed oh Porterweed

Somehow I let Stachytarpheta die out. I could have taken cuttings last fall and didn't. A plant or two could have returned from the roots this spring but failed. I saved no seeds. I could have made a trip to a Florida nursery. Dear Susie brought Porterweed plants to Church this morning for all the ladies who garden. Butterflies here will be delighted with the long bloom spikes once mine starts to bloom.

Bloom spike soon to have little red or blue blossoms along its length.
Color doesn't really matter, butterflies are equally attracted to both.

I am just so proud of this Porterweed plant.
This fall I will not fail to take cuttings and save seed.

In the meantime, butterflies stay busy on Tithonia,
Verbena on a stick, Lanatana, Crocosmia, Zinnias, and Duranta.
This fellow is too busy on Crocosmia to hold still.
Poor little thing had tattered wings, still flying.

Spicebush Swallowtails are showing up to join the Pipevine cousins since
Duranta commenced bloom.

Cloudy and damp all day. We've had 2.5 inches of rain total in the past four days.
Grateful for every drop.


  1. Do you have much luck with Tithonia? It used to be in all the garden centers, but never see it anymore. I have killed many plants myself. Porterweed is amazing for butterflies.

  2. I envy you the lovely rain!

    We seem to be having more butterflies than usual.

    I just heard on the news last night that we have fewer Monarchs because of the spreading use of Round-up that has killed most of the milkweed.

    I have seen only two this year.

  3. I too love Porterweed, is your going to be red or purple?

  4. Our butterflies enjoy the Buddleja and some of the other garden flowers. We don't have the porterweed but more than anything else they enjoy a patch of common nettles more than anything else in the garden. As you can probably imagine our nettles are out of site, behind the shed.

  5. Tithonia is easiest from seed, Randy. Once you have one, snip off the ripe seed heads and scatter where you want more. I lay the whole plant on the ground after frost.

    Alistair, Buddleja doesn't fare well here, too sensitive to soil nematodes. We have some vervains that grow wild that butterflies enjoy, away from the house.

    Purple or red/coral -- we have to wait and see. This one wasn't labeled and I know she takes cuttings of both colors. It really doesn't seem to matter.

    Monarchs are never plentiful here. They just pass through on the way elsewhere. Butterflies come in broods. You never know when a new flock will show up. Tigers are out this morning. I made a video for later.

  6. I am SO glad you are getting rain. It will sure help all those lovely plants to grow nicely. Especially the beautiful duranta.

  7. Nell Jean, Summer is a wonderful time in your garden. So many flowers, and butterflies. I can even imagine/daydream a day out in your garden chasing / photographing butterflies!

  8. Life is good. You have more porterweed, butterflies, and some moisture in your soil.

    Thanks for your nice comment on my GBBD post.


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