Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sticks and All and a Southern Drawl

I was just looking at a blog whether the writer was reluctant to show much of her garden, fearing that we might judge her for some imagined shabby gardenkeeping or was it that we might invade some private area? Here I was about to show you the whole front yard!

A panorama of the front lawn inside the driveway loop.
We hung a new flag yesterday on the anniversary of the Monkeyman's death.
He gave us a flagpole and flag for Christmas one year.

Near the highway along the north drive. I do not plant in the right of way. 
What used to be a ditch is now a swale. Grass is thin because of the recent drought.

 From center of the front looking northeast, same bed as above. 
The Upper Garden is behind the tree line and beyond it the fruit trees and okra patch.

Toward the southeast. Flowerbed where I make the butterfly photos is at far right behind stones.
Things are always going in and out of bloom.  The rain kicked the alternanthera into growth.
When I look at my own pics I can see where more plants are needed. I have two darker
alternanthera to go in that space in front of the light colored stone.

Here's the obligatory butterfly video made this morning before the lawn was mowed.
Tigers are back.

Here's the view coming from the house.

Sticks and all -- I didn't sweep the driveway. But you're looking at the new flag and the dogwood I grew from a seedling and the woods across the road where my FIL used to grow hogs and the crape myrtles that grew from twigs and the pattern that shadows make on the lawn.


  1. Gardens are the best place to plant and nourish thoughts and memories. Maybe that's why the reluctant blogger was being kinda shy.

    Thanks for sharing what you know about Mr. Skinner. He didn't mention it at the workshop.

  2. I love that panoramic view of your front gardens. About a year ago I posted a tour of my back garden but haven't yet shown much of the front. It's been difficult to get photos that don't include a lot of the neighbors' property, too. But I'm going to be working on it! I haven't seen many butterflies yet this year - I hope the fact that you're seeing the tigers means I'll be seeing them soon, too. There is certainly much to attract them in my garden.

  3. I love your place! I didn't notice the sticks on the drive until you pointed them out. LOL

    I enjoyed seeing the butterflies and hearing your drawl. Your love for the "flying flowers" comes through. I have not had tithonias reseed here. Maybe our winters are too cold.

  4. I always enjoy views of your property Nell. It's nice that you have long views. The longest view we have is down our driveway and I've shown that recently after mowing, plus the rain made the grassy parts green again.

    You have a lovely busy butterfly garden. I love hearing your gentle southern voice.

    We can all be intimidated by so many of the perfect looking gardens that are out there, me included. So I can see why the blogger was shy about posting her gardens. Although, we are our own worst critics.

    Happy summer gardening ~ FlowerLady

  5. I love seeing long views of people's gardens. So glad you posted the panorama. it's hard to imagine what someone's garden might look like beyond the close up image of a single flower.

  6. I loved seeing an overview of your front garden, and the driveway, sticks and all. The grass still looks nice and green, despite your drought.

    I love that Tithonia! And the butterfly video -- Thanks for posting that.

  7. I always enjoy seeing the larger view of a garden; it puts those close-ups in context. The panoramic views of your garden are lovely. I also liked hearing your voice. That familiar southern accent made me smile!

  8. Enjoyed the video and the broad views.

    Tithonia never reseeded for me either. Somehow it didn't impress me and I never grew it again. Maybe I had the wrong variety.

    I need to try a video. We have more butterflies this year than in the past. I would love to capture them fluttering above the phlox. Out comes the camera book!

  9. Looks like a welcoming Southern place to me. It's great to get a perspective on places so that we can visualize a walk-through. I like tours! Thanks!

  10. That first photo is lovely. That garden is so wide and clean, i feel like getting a mat and a book and have a picnic in an area. It will be wonderful i suppose, very inviting landscape.

  11. As said above, Nell, I too loved seeing the bigger picture of your garden. Love all the curves. Great to see your butterflies on video too. What beauties you have. Nope... I didn't notice the sticks either!

  12. Looks like a seed scatterer.

  13. Oh that was magic. I just listened to your video. As I read your words I 'hear' transatlantic English. But to me your voice speaks a foreign language. Now I know what a Southern drawl sounds like. Could wish it had a more gracious Southern charm name than drawl ;~(0)


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