Friday, July 22, 2011

Where I Go to Get Away -- Woods and Meadows

I stopped to visit across the fence with the neighbor's donkeys.
My camera batteries died and I did not bring spares.

"What a dumb-ass," they said and ran away.


  1. I'd like to run up and roll down the green meadows, perhaps carry a pail of water up the hill. Also to smell the grasses and sleep on the fields with moonlight shining from above. A meteor shower will be perfect!

  2. Love the meadow and donkeys!

    Were you walking or riding the ATV?
    Just curious....I know what I would have been doing.

  3. Oh Nell ~ What the donkey's said really cracked me up.

    What a lovely stroll to get away for a bit from every day life.


  4. Lol!

    It is nice to see green grass. Ours is turning a bit brown these hot, dry days.

  5. Those donkeys are quite the comedienne! Love the spanish moss!

  6. It looks like a nice place to get away from it all. Even more so when camera batteries die:)

  7. I wasn't walking. It was too hot to walk. I was in my little Utility Vehicle which has a top to shade and the bottom half of the windshield removed for the breeze.

    You'll notice the donkeys were walking over from the shade.

  8. Do you carry tidbits to tease those donkeys from the comfort of the shade trees? They sure are cute.

    I am envious of your green grass. My grass is green, but it is because we are pouring the water to the beds close by. I am trying to keep the pecan trees hydrated, at least, so they don't become so brittle and let big branches fall on my house. Pecan trees are a terrible idea for the home landscape.

    We have not had a drop of rain in over a month, and then it was only a couple of inches.

    It is hot here, but I think people up North are having a much harder time with the heat now. At least we are used to it.

    That looks like a wonderful place to get away from it all.

  9. At least the photos you did get turned out awesome!

    I took your survey. I couldn't remember if I'd seen a painted lady yet this year, so I didn't check it. I'm seeing lots of cabbage whites. The swallowtails here are Eastern. I have seen a few others that flew off before I could figure out what they were.

  10. You are so blessed to be near those meadows, to walk everyday for the necessary communing with the elements. And the donkeys did not tell what you said here, the one told the other "we better go now, she has taken enough of our poses". haha. Happy Sunday.

  11. Thanks for the laugh....I needed it.

    Luv your wide-open spaces and your neighbor's donkeys. Adorable.



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