Friday, July 8, 2011

White Crinum Bloomed -- A Big Adventure

When Crinum Jagus bloomed the stems were so heavy they had to be tied in place.

This crinum has a sweet vanilla fragrance.

Buffy commenced to bark as I was getting a
better fix on the crinum with the 7'
Solidago behind it.

I stood and looked around to see this:

Take a closer look, there under the foliage:

Picture this: I was near the crinum.
I had been in there to tie up the stalks.
Then I was in there to place a hose.
Then I was making pics....
Each time I walked under the tree at left
not seeing:

Rat snake at lower left.

I showed him to the cat, who pretended no interest.

I tried to coax him out for a better pic, but he crawled away through
Confederate jasmine groundcover.
You can see why groundcover is mowed away to form paths.

Kind of a Rousseau effect from this direction.

 I didn't tell the neighbors who came to pick figs about the snake.
The fig tree is about 150 feet away.
Buffy checked out the scene and said it was safe.


  1. Huge fan of the Crinum ... what beautiful flowers ... but not such a big fan of snakes.

    I'm often stumbling around in the garden when suddenly I sense the presence of one of these slithery creatures. Part and parcel of life in the tropics I'm afraid.

  2. No fan of snakes here. I would freak if one was hiding in my garden like that. Garter snakes is all I can handle

  3. Snakes of any kind always give me a fright. Just another good reason not to garden barefoot or in shorts or without gloves!

    The crinum is lovely.

  4. My white crinum hasn't bloomed at all this year, as a matter of fact it looks ill. Thanks for the reminder to check on it today. That is just way too close for comfort with the snake my dear!

  5. I bet the vanilla scent of the beautiful crinum is just wonderful. I don't like snakes, even the good ones. I saw one the other day up in the bushes and came inside for the camera, but of course he was nowhere to be seen when I got back out there.

    Happy Summer Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  6. That was a mighty big snake! Are they poisonous?

  7. That is one big snake. Are they at all dangerous or just to small animals like mice and rats?

  8. Not poisonous. I blogged before about one that crawled up a thorny rose cane to rob a mockingbird's nest and another that climbed a tree and captured a squirrel.

    I am careful around non-poisonous snakes because the snake expert in Florida says that you can be allergic to the bite of a non-poisonouse snake the same as allergic to bees and wasps. Just in case.

  9. That is a beautiful snake. I happen to like non-poisonous snakes. I never knew you could be allergic to their bite, that is interesting. What a good girl Buffy is to alert you to its presence. I guess he didn't want to be a movie star.

  10. The snake was just checking you out to see if you were a big rat. I don't mind snakes in my garden as long as they keep to their own business!

  11. Your crinum is absolutely gorgeous! How scary to see the snake! It's always scary because they see us long before we see them! Glad you didn't step on him, or get bit! Good going, Buffy!

  12. I would have been terrfied! I'm scared to death of snakes. You are very brave! The Crinum is gorgeous.

  13. Oh, a little garden excitement! It's a good thing you grabbed the hose and not the snake, I don't think he would have appreciated that ;) At least Buffy let you know he was there!

  14. Gosh I would have jumped out of my skin if I were snakes for me, poisonous or not! That will definitely deter me from going that way again, ever! However, your pure white crinum is lovely!

  15. Eek! Was it watching you and your garden? Pity you can't get it to do a bit of weeding here and there :)
    The crinums with vanilla scent look so lovely.

  16. OMG! Girl you are friendlier to your snakes than I am with mine.LOL! I would have been after the hoe.

  17. Sorry, had to come back and correct a mistake. A much better post than I accidentally picked it.

  18. Beautiful Crinums, they look very healthy.

    I would have ran away as fast as I can had I suddenly seen a snake near me, that would be my initial reaction since I don't know which ones are poisonous and which are not.


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