Monday, August 1, 2011

August Muse -- Insects

"These tiny loiterers on the barley's beard,
And happy units of a numerous herd
Of playfellows, the laughing Summer brings,
Mocking the sunshine in their glittering wings,
How merrily they creep, and run, and fly!
No kin they bear to labour's drudgery,
Smoothing the velvet of the pale hedge-rose;
And where they fly for dinner no one knows--
The dew-drops feed them not--they love the shine
Of noon, whose sun may bring them golden wine.
All day they're playing in their Sunday dress--
Till night goes sleep, and they can do no less;
Then, to the heath bell's silken hood they fly,
And like to princes in their slumbers lie,
Secure from night, and dropping dews, and all,
In silken beds and roomy painted hall.
So merrily they spend their summer day,
Now in the cornfields, now the new-mown hay."
- John Clare, Insects, 1850


Crinum bud

I made a little video of a Dogface Sulphur nectaring on Duranta.
Actually I made two, but the better one was in which I did not speak.
Not that you didn't want to hear me speak, but the published silent
one is the better quality focus. All I said was that the dogface
 Zerene cesonia (Colias cesonia) is hard to see when it
nectars with closed wings. As it flits about you can glimpse the
dark edges of its open wings which form a poodle profile.


  1. What a sweet butterfly Nell. I love it with those flowers.


  2. Nice pics of little. Those tiny visitors are often overlooked.

  3. Very nice, but I miss your lovely southern accent!

  4. Pretty butterfly video! Over the last couple of years I've tried to force myself to get over the squeamishness of garden bugs (except for ladybugs and butterflies). I'm learning that some bugs are good for the garden, no matter how creepy they look. Of course, a pretty butterfly is always a welcome sight. :)

  5. I've finally had several swallowtails in my garden after not seeing any large butterflies at all the beginning of summer. I don't think I've ever had a dogface butterfly visit, but maybe I just wasn't close enough to tell. Thanks for the video! :o)


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