Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dog Days of August

We had a few rain showers, enough to make the grass head out
enough to be mowed again and again.

Chartreuse alternanthera contrasts with
Verbena on a stick, self planted.  

These change little from year to year. I've found what
works and am reluctant to change. Alternanthera
cuttings must be saved over the winter, the rest comes
back without a lot of effort on my part.

Lantana montevidensis, mostly lavender, a white in the middle.
In early spring when the lantana is dormant, there are
daffodils along the stones underneath.

Daylilies are resting behind Purple Heart.
Daturas haven't reached full size yet.
There is melampodium at the end.

Alternanthera, Purple Heart and Periwinkle
cannot be beaten for summer.
Crape myrtle trees are always dependable.

Ninety degrees at noon when I was taking pics; 'feels like 107' according to the weather report.


  1. Like the yellows and purples together. We have missed the rain here lately...got a total of .44" this weekend...too little to amount to anything other than adding to the humidity level.
    I like your large bed with the purple heart....great perennial.

  2. Your garden look fabulous! I'm so glad you got some rain - it's nice to hear it's raining somewhere! ;) I really like the way you designed that bed. Great complimentary colors.

  3. There's nothing like a tried and true combination. If plants are happy where they are, there's no reason why you should feel compelled to change. Especially when the combination is this pretty.

  4. Love the wide view shots of your garden...it's absolutely striking. The chartreuse plant and the purple wandering jew really make a statement. Just lovely!

  5. Your August is being rather kind to your garden. It looks pretty darn good for the heat. We too got rain today. Not nearly enough, but you could almost hear the plants saying thank you.

  6. When it cools off, like in October, I am going to the courthouse and remove enough purple heart to satisfy my wants/needs for my gardens. They hate it, I love it, seems like a good deal to me. I lost every bit of purple heart that was in my yard last winter.

    I love the purple and chartruse. Beautiful!

  7. Nell, your bed is looking very good; you must have had more rain or watered more than I have.

    Most things here are crispy!

    We are still 5 inches down but are getting a little reprieve this week.

  8. We can't grow Crape Myrtle here, but it adds a wonderful shock of colour to a dry time of the year.

  9. I'm starting to figure out what works in my yard too. I learn something new every year.

    I love this bed. I know your climate and you're right, it works. I wouldn't change a thing.

  10. Love to see the broad view of a flower bed, so that we can see the effect of nice plants placement. I love chartreuse color in the bed, need to take a note of yours. I use chartreused colored potato leaves a lot in both bed and containers.


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