Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Can, too, Grow Tulips

Dry here again. I heard that Texas is getting rain. I hope so. When it is not fit weather to be outside, I dream and plan, seduced by bulb catalogs into a delusion that I could have great drifts of tulips.

It could happen. Here's proof that I have successfully chilled and planted timely and brought tulips into flower for a single season. Different seasons I've planted different colors. Some turned out better than others. Failures were usually accompanied by evidence of voles, or Tulip Fire virus.

The last time I planted tulips, Buffy was a puppy. It seemed like a good idea to pot up bulbs and chill in  pots instead of my prior experiments with prechilling the bulbs in a paper bag and planting out in the elements.

Chilled bulbs sprouted timely in December.

Just as the bulbs were coming into bud with glorious
promise of pink blossoms, I set them on the floor where
they would get more sun.

Baby Buffy, not quite 3 months old ATE my tulips!

Should I try again now three years later, chilling and attempting to grow tulips in a pot?


  1. oh, my.......naughty puppy!!!

    Hey i had good luck with the species tulips when I lived in a hot dry climate, zone 9. They came back every year, without chilling and bloomed every year!

  2. Oh what simply gorgeous Tulips! I absolutely think you should try again - those first 4 photos are worth the effort and by now I'm sure Buffy has found other things that taste better. Or no? :)

  3. Nice colour combination - that purple and the yellow go so nice together!

  4. If you go to all that bother; you are a better woman than I!

    Good luck. (My dog would probably dig them up anyway)

  5. Anybody that can grow tulips that pretty down in this part of the country is a better gardener than I am, my granny used to grow some beautiful tulips here in town when I was a kid but I never knew how she did it other than she let me "help" her dig the holes, I was just company more than "help" I think...I'm going to try them one of these days. Might try them purples ones too, I like those......Come see us....

  6. I think you should try again, and let us know what you do and how it works. I tried growing tulips in a pot a few years ago and they rotted. What a cute puppy (despite the naughty tulip eating).

  7. North part of Texas has had some rain. My baby sister in College Station reported rain on Saturday evening. "Glorious", she called it.

    We have had not a drop. I think our total for this whole year is
    7", how pitiful is that? I am pulling hoses every other day, all day, and I was noticing yards that are just plain brown now, because not everybody waters, and everything has died. I water partly in self defense, I sure don't want our pecan trees falling on my house, which they are wont to do when stressed by drought.

    Lovely tulips. I was thinking about you and those tulips when I got an email from John Scheeper today. My weakness is alliums, and they have some beauties. I may order some.

    I have warned you for years to step away from the tulips. However, I have decided that we should indulge our wants and fantasies (up to a point), and so I say "You go, Nell! Order those tulips, chill, chill, chill, and enjoy them!" I know they will be beautiful.

    I don't think eating tulip bulbs is good for Buffy, tho. Has she really outgown that? LOL


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