Monday, August 22, 2011

Sound of Abundance of Rain

   We are grateful for 3/4" of rain yesterday afternoon.

Purple Heart with Melampodium, Datura and Periwinkles.

Lantana and Purple Heart blooming in front of
Madagascar Periwinkle.

Rosemary, out of control, left of yellow lantana out of bloom.

'Olive Bailey Langdon' daylily failed to bloom
in early summer.
She's showing up now.

Three quarters of an inch may not sound like much rain, but it was wonderful to us.
I spent much of last week dribbling water all over the place in flower beds.
The rain pulled it all together.


  1. Very pretty color combos in your top two photos.

  2. It's very rare that I wish for rain on the weekend, but I was happy for the brief showers we got here too. How long have you had that rosemary?

  3. Your Purple Heart with the Lantana is a pretty bed. Purple Heart is such a rugged plant.I think it is the only one I have not killed yet Nell. LOL! Does yours come back every year in your zone or do you have to get starts from it? That is a lovely lily too. It wanted to be last and special. LOL!

  4. Glad to hear you got some rain! Your rosemary is amazing! I love that it's out of control. And the daylily is a lovely shade.

  5. Glad your rosemary is doing so well. I don't know what it is but everyone's rosemary took a bad hit this past winter around here. I made rosemary mashed potatoes tonight and barely could get enough rosemary to make it.

  6. Glad to hear you finally got a spot of moisture. I've seen so many heartbreaking photos of drought in the south. We are having the opposite problem with never ending amounts of rain and cool weather. My rosemary quite dislikes it and has remained very small this year.

  7. Pretty color in the beds and they look refreshed. It rained here on the weekend pretty hard, but everything is still so dry. The rain ran off rather than soaked in. I was thinking about the end of the month wrap up and hope we get some more rain before that time. Leaves are falling already too. Your daylily is pretty and probably grateful for the rain.

  8. that is a lot of rain when you haven't had any as of late!!

  9. Nell, we get excited over a half inch of rain!

    It is very cloudy and thundering here. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

    I do envy you the melampodium..I got careless with glyphosphate and only have two meager plants now.


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