Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Time to Plan for Winter and Spring

A Previous Spring

I did not present a Bloom Day post. Last week I posted the colours of August on my other Seedscatterer Blog. Except that the daylilies are done, the colours remain the same: Esperanza, Bird of Paradise, Duranta, Datura, Porterweed. Crape Myrtle, Melampodium and Petunias. Mostly tropical, all tough plants in the face of drought alternating with humidity.

Watering thirsty plants, I'm looking at spaces
where daffodils bloomed in spring.

Inside, I'm looking at bulb catalogs and making lists
while referring to previous years' pics.
Tulips firmly place themselves on my lists, elbowing
aside hyacinths. I must have hyacinths for
forcing; tulips are optional, amaryllis a must.
Wait, paperwhites! Maybe some freesias....

Outside again, I'm potting up gingers and other
 tender plants to have ready to bring inside before frost.
Heliconia is on my list of wanted tropicals to find on
sale at summer's end.
Inside again, I'm looking at previous years' pretties
that made it through the winter inside.
Pentas are rooted as I think of them and find a good cutting.
 I let one Persian Shield wilt badly. It will have to revive from its roots.
Some that made it, like pineapple sage and licorice plant
did not make last year's cut for overwintering.
They are back on the list to likely buy again.

In town, I answered the siren cry of Vriesea and Neoregelia
on a display of bromeliads. I was sure they were in my plan until
I got home with them and saw how much room they would need.
They looked much smaller in the nursery.
Right now they are hanging out in the enclosed porch with a palm and
spathiphyllums and Pothos. The Neoregelia is sitting on a chair.
What was I thinking?


  1. I do love to think about spring bulbs. I always forget what I order until it comes. I must get better at this. Tulips are so lovely but the critters seem to love them too. So I stick with my daffs, hyacinths and other assorted bulbs. Here's to dreaming of a lovely spring. Winter not so much though

  2. Ah yes, the joys of the seed and bulb catalogues, I've delved on wetter days and am planning new tulips and the new white Tete-a-Tete narcissus. It's nice seeing your plants and knowing what is in store come Spring.

  3. you have so plenty on the go. Is that first photo a wisteria? I thought it is a vine and climbing, yours looks like a tree?

  4. Here is where self-control must come into play! Remember, you have to plant all those bulbs.

    That is what keeps me from ordering too many.

    My catalogs are beginning to arrive.

  5. You have quite a few plants to bring in Nell. I have also been looking through the catalogs for fall planting.All of these pictures sure do help. LOL!

  6. N, no, no I don't want to think of winter yet. I still have tomatoes to harvest! Our zone 4 winters are long - It looks like you have lovely plants to bring in -

  7. I empathize with your heat and humidity -- but I can wait for winter! (My least favorite season....) The ONLY thing good about winter is that spring follows it LOL. I do so love the blowers/bulbs of spring! ;)

  8. Smart thinking to look at the garden and start planning for spring. Thanks for the reminder. I've ordered bulbs already, but I don't even remember what they were!

  9. You picked up some great plants! Love you plans.

    I don't know yet if I'll plant bulbs this year, but I'm already ordering my seeds. Got to see how my budget goes. The travel writing jobs are few lately with the economy being what it is. Living off retirement acct with market crazies is getting scary!

  10. Oh you have my favorite flowering plant, wisteria! But i also love your collection of lilies, very beautiful.

  11. Same here it is time to start thinking of autumn planting. I want to plant new bulbs in the borders, unfortunately I would probably destroy the existing ones, have to come up with a plan. A new white tete e tete thats interesting.

  12. It's hot and sticky in southern PA tonight in advance of hurricane Irene, making it hard to believe that fall (and spring bulb planting) is just around the corner -- but looking at those daffodils made me feel cool and fresh. :-) -Jean


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