Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bulbs that Bloom in September

Sternbergia lutea that I moved from a too-shady location.

Sometimes called Autumn crocus or winter
daffodil, they are actually of the Amaryllis family.
These came from Barbara in Texas and I was
afraid they'd died out. Rains brought them into bloom.

I brake for butterflies, especially when they are Tigers.

Oxblood lilies bloomed two weeks ago.
These Rhodophiala waited for the next rain.
Stunning in a bed with Brazilian ruellia.

I'm starting to see lycoris radiata buds since the rain.
The big show is yet to come with them.

The Big Box stores have spring bulbs on display. I can't help myself, but I held to paperwhites and hyacinths to force and just a small bag of other bulbs to tuck here and there.
I'm still trying to decide on colors for Amaryllis and just how are needed.

I dug a pale pink pentas and another pot of cardamon ginger.
Took a pentas cutting to replace the one that died.
Busywork this time of year, getting ready to anticipate frost next month. 
that died. 

Secrets of a Seedscatterer         


  1. Is there ever a moment in your garden that there are no butterflies? You have more there than just about anywhere. Oh, and your bulbs are pretty, I get easily distracted by butterflies.

  2. Autumn bulbs! What a great idea! I've been noticing the spring bulbs at the box stores. I've purchased a few, but am proud it was only a few this year! (so far)

  3. What wonderful flowering bulbs for September.

    Those butterflies are gorgeous.

    Enjoy gardening there in your wonderful bit of paradise.


  4. I must get to the stores if the bulbs are already on display!!!

  5. It's amazing what a little sunshine and rain can do for a garden.

    Your post reminds me that I need to get busy and buy/order some more bulbs.

    Pretty butterfly photo!


  6. I try to have something attractive to butterflies year around, but late December when frost has taken the Pentas and through January until some Hyacinths bloom there is only a rare sulphur that venture out when there are several sunny days in a row.

    I have to get apples and pears out of the spare fridge so there's no ethylene gas and put in bulbs to chill once it airs a little.

    Make a plan so you don't buy bulbs you don't need. Buy enough of one kind to make a splash.

  7. I'm still leery of bulbs and don't know why. Feels like advanced gardening to me! Maybe it's because I make things difficult for myself - I'm committed to growing wild local native ones, and I only gather seeds to get started. I have 4 boxes of seeds that put up seedlings and they are oversummering in the dry - I'm nervous in case they don't come back when I start watering them this fall!

  8. Dear NellJean, I am trying to resist bulb-buying, but I think I am fighting a losing battle! Beautiful September butterflies and blooms here. P. x

  9. NellJean, You have so many butterflies. I'm jealous. We have so few here in the desert. Loved the autumn crocus.

  10. I ordered a multitude of bulbs last week, taking advantage of Brecks bulb sale..which made them reasonably priced!! I noticed the fall blooming crocus in the catalog, which I haven't ever really looked at before. Yours are lovely!


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