Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It was a Great Butterfly Video until I stood in Fire Ants!

After the storms of yesterday passed and the sun came out today, butterflies were swarming.
I saw a 4 kinds of Swallowtails: Tiger, Giant, Pipevine and Spicebush.
A big surprise: a large Monarch, uncommon here except when they migrate south.
A Spangled Fritillary and the usual Gulf Fritillaries and Sulphurs were about.
Buckeyes and little skippers were there, too.


Things were going great until I forgot to look where I stepped and stood in a Fire Ant bed.
The video ends abruptly.

Spangled Fritillary

Spicebush Swallowtail on Pentas

Gulf Frit on Tithonia

Giant Swallowtail on Tithonia

Monarch on Lantana

Monarch hanging onto Duranta

Spicebush Swallowtail

Lantana at the front forms a butterfly corridor
next to the highway right-of-way.
When I went for the broad view, they all hid.

Salvia leucantha is starting to bloom so we'll have a real purple haze for fall.


  1. Great photos! I really enjoyed them. So many different butterflies. I never have luck trying to take photos. Sorry about the darn ants.

  2. What a wonderful bunch of flying flowers, all visiting your fantastic patch of lantana.

    Sorry you got into a fire ant bed. Those guys are awful.

    Thanks for sharing the beauty you have surrounding you up there in your bit of paradise.


  3. I got a laugh at your title, because I know exactly what that feels like. But I hope you didn't get bit. They make big welps on me that turn into scars. And the itching! Ugh! Great butterfly pics, though!

  4. Aren't you smart using video to capture the elusive butterflies! The lantana sure seems to be a magnet for them. I hope you didn't suffer too much from the fire ants, I hear they can be nasty.

  5. I'm surprised how calm you were when you stepped into the ants! I would have been shrieking and doing a dance at that point.

  6. Lovely butterfly photos, they certainly add a special something to the garden don't they, have to enjoy them while we can.

  7. An amazing collection of butterflies. I grew Lantana at our last house, but mine wasn't nearly as popular as yours! I'm envious of your butterflies, but grateful we don't have fire ants...ouch!

  8. sorry about the fireants - they say if you mix one part bleach with 9 parts water it will take away the itching and help speed up the healing. i guess you could just soak your foot in a bucket of it. good luck - i've been there.

  9. Sorry about the fire ants but it's worth it! :) I enjoyed the post.

  10. Fire ants! That is one beastie that we don't have to deal with up here.

    I did enjoy the butterflies though.

    Hope you didn't get bit.


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