Saturday, September 3, 2011

More Butterflies and Brugmansias

My nephew suggested that he liked the still photos of butterflies best. There isn't much movement amongst the Angel Trumpets so everything is a still today.

There first two are Spicebush swallowtails, first on Pentas. The shiny object is a tuna can that I use to measure irrigation and rainful.

 I don't believe this Spicebush is really nectaring on Melampodium, just stopping to rest. They briefly visit periwinkles but Lantana nearby is the fav.

Giant Swallowtail from the side, on Tithonia.

This Giant is a bit tattered and faded; lost one tail.

Not yet faded are the Angel Trumpets.

So light and dainty, like a ballerina's skirts.  

I could hardly wait for these to open. More buds are forming.

The difference between Datura and Brugs is the direction of the trumpet.
Devil's Trumpets point upward. Brugs point down to the Earth.

Originally they were all called Datura. All are of the nightshade family.
All are toxic. Reading about Victorian ladies' practice of letting nectar from
an Angel Trumpet drip into their tea is interesting but not a practice I would start.

Secrets of a Seedscatterer         


  1. The stills are hard to beat. I love that color of the brug.

    I thought I would try a movie; went outside early and it was so dry and ugly and nary a critter was stirring....

  2. Oh, no. I just pulled up 2 of these from Barbara's garden, after putting up with their height all summer long. I didn't know what they were--I finally decided they were weeds. You and I have a similar gardening zone, so I wish you had posted this 2 weeks ago. :(

    They are beautiful; congratulations on your patience. Never been a strong suit of mine.

  3. I wish they'd bloomed sooner. I posted earlier in the week the unbloomed buds because I couldn't wait. Does Barbara know you pulled up her Angel Trumpets?

  4. Good information on the Trumpets now I'll know the difference between the Angel and the Devil's. Love the photos.

  5. I missed your previous post, which is a shame, as it is clearly identifiable as the 2 plants I yanked. I hope Barbara doesn't read your blog. :) They were so tall, and looked out of place...didn't see any sign of flowers, but I was looking in the wrong place for them, I guess. Oh, well. I can enjoy yours vicariously.

  6. I had no idea Victorian ladies put some of the Angel Trumpet nectar into their tea! I've only ever heard how poisonous they are. But very beautiful. Your pictures of the butterflies are wonderful.

  7. Beautiful butterfly pictures, your swallowtails look so lovely. Datura photos are super, the buds have opened so now you have that fantastic perfume!

  8. The Angel's Trumpets are so pretty. They're tender here and aren't even that common as summer annuals. When you do find them, they're very expensive. I grew a white one when I lived in SC. Great butterfly picture!!

  9. The butterfly photos are captured their beauty and work. And your brugmansias are huge and lovely. The color is so delicate.

  10. Nell, I'm just catching up with your blog after weeks of neglect (the new school year began 3 weeks ago), and I was enchanted by your Brugmansia. What a wonderful, delicate pink color. I encountered these plants two years ago when I visited Butchart Gardens in British Columbia at this time of year, and I immediately wanted to have some. Of course, I can't grow them in my garden (wrong climate), but I'm delighted to get to enjoy them in yours. -Jean


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