Thursday, September 29, 2011

Planted Queen of Night Tulips

Used a clay pot and a plastic pot for comparison.
Six Queen of Night each pot.
Buffy will be 3 before these bloom.
Baby Buffy ATE 2009 potted tulip buds.
I'm hoping she's mature enough to leave these.

Watered and draining; then into the refrigerator
to chill for 10-12 weeks.
Hope for blossoms late January or early February.
The pots are the same size, one closest just looks bigger.

Hyacinth bulbs are chilling for forcing in water and stones.
Paperwhite narcissus await putting in water and stones
just before Thanksgiving for Christmas bloom.

Tulips that Buffy ate and Hyacinths, early 2009.

Secrets of a Seedscatterer         


  1. Poor Bufffy! I hope she's learned her lesson. You are just too good to go to all that trouble. Although, those black blooms are so elegant and gorgeous. They will be beautiful when they do finally bloom (if Buffy behaves!).

  2. Perhaps I am just jinxed for tulips. I left the two pots to drain well before they went in the refrigerator in plastic bags so they don't dry out. When I went back outside, there were cat paw prints in one of the pots. Not a fatal event, but one in a string of what I expect. It's new, it must be trod upon.

  3. I really should try tulips again. I have about 16 or so hyacinth bulbs that I'm going to plot right in the garden and see what happens.

  4. I will be looking forward to seeing those tulips.

    Planting in pots is the only way I could grow them here because of moles.

  5. HI NellJean: It has been a while since I last visited your blog. Enjoyed myself while looking around at different posts. Keep up the good work your blog is very good.

    Have a great evening,


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