Friday, October 21, 2011

Another Look at Gulf Muhly Grass

Gardening with grasses did not come easily to me. I still think look at grasses and see them as weedy. Gulf Muhly could change my mindset.

I happend to go out as the sun was starting to set behind the trees across the highway.
Lighting was perfect and I caught the sun's rays through tree tops.  

Coaxing Buffy to pose with the Muhly to give
some idea of the size of the grasses took
most of the time the sun was still in the right place.

Inflorescences up close.

A last look as Buffy looks for trucks on the highway.

I started with five clumps. Next spring I will divide them into smaller clumps to spread the groundcover into a larger area.

Yesterday on my way to town I saw Muhly grass growing on the side of an exit ramp where the ground is too steep to mow. It covered a large area and was very colorful even when not
backlit by the sun. I get the best view here because it faces west from the house.

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  1. Wow, how beautiful with the sun shining through! Buffy is cute but needs more training for a modeling career to succeed!

  2. Great post, esp for those hesitant to use's honest. I think it is how grasses are used - used clumpy and randomly = weedy.....used in a strong pattern or a long, gently curved sweep = stunning!

    Amazing how well Gulf Muhly does across the desert SW too.

  3. I am with you on my hesitation about planting grasses, particularly this one. I find the foliage even more wild looking than other grasses. But all that gets forgotten when I see it bloom, especially with the light behind it like in your pictures.

  4. I love this grass and we just bought one pot last season when it was in bloom. I divided it and we have it in two huge shell covered planters. It has just bloomed again and I can't even put into words how it makes me feel.

    Your huge specimen is wonderful.


  5. I have been admiring this grass for a few years, haven't purchased any yet. Yours is glowing in the sun light.

  6. The view is enchanting! Now off to my garden books to see if Muhly Grass grows in my zone. (I recently realized my 'missed opportunity' not planting more native grasses in my gardens this year.)

  7. Sorry, I didn't see your comment before it was sent to Spam by wordpress. I love this grass, is it invasive? Christina

  8. The sources that I looked at say that Gulf Muhly is not invasive. It does not spread by rhizomes, so the original clumps grow bigger but do not move into adjacent areas.

  9. I just saw some Muhly grass at the nursery and snapped a photo. Unfortunately, it wasn't on sale so I settled for the clearance switch grass. Have enjoyed both of your posts.

  10. Hi!

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    ~ Janey


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