Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall Wildflowers in the Meadow

Earlier this week I wrote of Buckeye butterfly caterpillars noted on Agalinis and showed Goldenrod, Lantana and Eupatorium in a self-planted vignette. Here are other delights noted when I visit the wild gardens.

Silk Grass in bloom.

Eragrostis in bloom and other grasses.
Love grass has smaller, darker inflorescence than
Gulf Muhly grass not yet blooming here.

Yellow asters.

View through live oak trees along a
freshly mown path.

Native grasses at woods' edge.

Goldenrod and Beautyberry.
Beautyberry is not as plentiful in berries as usual.

Elephantapus blooms; the large flat, felted basal
leaves do not show here.

Red stems of Poke weed look as if they were

I was riding along a fence row on a UTV, steering with one hand and camera in my right hand with my finger on the button. A covey of about 15 Bob White quail flew up in front of me and all I could do was watch with my mouth open. I forgot the camera was on, much less my finger poised.

Go ahead. Laugh. If you've never seen a covey of quail get up you can't imagine how it startles.

As I started on, I could see them walking in the underbrush. By the time I was even with them they were quiet and blended into dead leaves and twigs on the ground. There is another covey at the end of the cornfield near the house. None of them have been shot, so they're relatively tame. They all but wave as you go by.

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  1. I so enjoyed the little delights you found in the wild gardens, especially the Golden Rod. I had a little chuckle at the thought of you open-mouthed and struck still at the sight of those Quail!

  2. Thanks for the walk. I enjoyed it. Autumn Greetings.

  3. Just found you and am trying to join your blog. We are trying to learn more about plants for our acreage that we will be moving to here in Texas. Your photos are beautiful and the posts are very informative. Very nice.

    I'll be visiting more often!


  4. I have had a turkey fly up off a nest of eggs while on the tractor. I scared me half to death! I was able to veer away from the nest but it was close.

    Quails are very scarce here these days. I don't really know why.

    You have encourage me to take a tour of our place on the ATV. I haven't done that is a long while.

    Lovely pictures. I especially enjoy seeing the oak trees.

  5. Yes, I know how quail can startle. I would have been amazed if you had remembered the camera! I wonder if the beautyberry's lack of berries has to do with the lack of rain.

  6. It's nice to see your grasses looking so good after a terrible summer. There is little good going on in our native areas and you reminded me that when we first came here we would hear the bobwhite. No more. I think they are very sensitive to development. I once saw a brood passing through the woods. Those days are gone I am afraid.

  7. The image of you with your camera all cocked and ready to go and then forgetting to take the picture *is* a funny one. I've never seen a covey of quail, but I have been startled by ruffed grouse exploding out from the undergrowth by my dirt road. I probably would have pressed the shutter and gotten either a total blur or a picture of my shoe. ;-) -Jean


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