Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Butterflies Unflappable in Wind

Gulf Fritillary on Lantana montevidensis.

If there's a choice, October Butterflies is the one you want.
It is today's video.

Sulphur butterfly with tattered wings.
He was still flying, but nectared with his wings
slightly open, which is not usual.

A tiny sulphur butterfly on Mexican Bush Sage.

Datura, periwinkles, lantana, salvia leucantha

Secrets of a Seedscatterer         


  1. Boy Nell, you sure have LOTS of butterflies. I always love hearing your voice in your videos.

    Enjoy your autumn weather.


  2. Neil jean,

    Looks like August there with all those butterflies. We'd just a few lingering butterflies and a Monarch visitor.

  3. The cool weather encourages Lantana. Some of the butterflies have tattered wings and it's a last hurrah in October. We've not had truly cold nights yet.

    I saw an American Painted Lady a few minutes ago, and some skippers in addition to the Pipevines, Spicebush and all those Sulphurs and Gulf Frits. The Tigers and Giants of a week ago have disappeared.

  4. You must have had the same wonderful rain we had, as your gardens look beautiful. We have many of the same plants and gardens. The Mexican sage is wonderful, and what a fragrance. No wonder the butterflies are sticking around!

  5. I could see lots of butterflies on the lantana (the purple flowers?), they appeared as black flittering things. I am amazed at how many.

    I have seen two Monarchs and two large yellow Sulphurs the last couple of days. I have very few flowers left for them.

  6. Love your bedding plants in this combination. It's amazing how the lantana perks up with cooler weather. Butterflies just can't resist. The video captures them so well. Thanks. Meems


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