Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Preparing for Changing Seasons

Preparing a retreat for the dog and cat and myself for cold weather, I've been taking cuttings, potting up tender plants and bringing pots inside. Today we got the fountain flowing again.

Kitteh believes it is a feline drinking fountain. He's already
staked a claim over in the left corner near the lemon grass.

I hope the dog will be deterred by the flowers in front of the
fountain and continue to drink outside.

Not only does the fountain make a pleasant sound but
it adds a bit of humidity. I also have glass containers of
flat marbles and sea glass filled with water for humidity.

We took cuttings of red alternanthera today. I crowd cuttings
in a small container of water where roots will be all matted
together in the spring but can be teased apart.
This way I can have dozens of cuttings ready in early spring
from a very small space. Dozens of separate potted cuttings
would take more room than I can spare.

I won't have to take cuttings of purple alternanthera.
A single self-seeded plant has spread across the south wall
and survived summer heat. There will be plenty of
cuttings for the taking in the spring. This plant is great for
growing up through pillar-type rose canes.

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  1. Dear Nell ~ I always enjoy seeing your winter nursery. I love the idea of a sweet little get away, complete with blooms and a little fountain, and a couple of critters too.


  2. Such a cozy little spot you've made. Love it!

  3. A very pretty area you have going there, what a lovely way to enjoy summer all winter.

  4. It is that time of year to bring our heaven inside. I like your fountain. We run a couple of humidifiers in the winter to increase the humidity, however I like your idea of filling containers with water.

  5. How wonderful to have a bit of summer during the coming months of winter! I'm impressed. And the fountain is just the perfect finishing touch!

  6. The pets have it made!

  7. Your 'crowded cuttings in water' sounds a bit like hydroponics. Do you use a dark opaque container? Oh and the roots lurve to grow thru glass marbles thank you!


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