Saturday, October 29, 2011

Small Joys Indoors in Cold Weather

Humidity is aided by glass containers of flat marbles.

This container has sea glass under the marbles,
a seashell and a tiny cutting for rooting.
The greenhouse has a center border of 16" pavers that form a path around a soil center. The soil is covered by a slat pathway on one side; Urbanite stones on the other with some rock to fill the gaps. The pavers and stones can be watered to increase humidity. The area can be changed to accomodate different tables, carts and shelves. Right now Urbanite where a kalanchoe sits is the path to the left.

A small electric fountain adds humidity and the sound of falling water.

Tiny buds have formed on the Christmas cactus.
They look like baby teeth.

Casserole dish with broken handle holds Joseph's Coat cuttings.

Alyssum seedlings around Foxtail Fern will soon have blossoms.
Rose colored Pentas are blooming.

White begonias under the Epi tree.

A bromeliad sits high in the Epi Tree.
The bloom is fading. I  hope 'pups'
 are forming as the old plant dies.

The bottom shelf of this wicker unit is reserved.

Ike the Cat lies on this shelf as his hideout.
A few alyssum seeds fill the holes of this toothbrush holder
shaped like a snail.

Bits of blossom: Purple Heart in the center shelf, blue Porterweed to the
right with red Pentas below.

Variegated hydrangea plants with red wax Begonias.

I was outside today pulling Madagascar periwinkles, Tithonia and Melampodium ahead of frost so I don't have to see dead annuals. Next month I'll be scattering Larkspur, Poppy and other annual seeds in anticipation of spring. I have some bulbs to plant, too.

Secrets of a Seedscatterer        


  1. that NASTY rant was also on Catmint and Jen Muddy Boots. Busy sad man.

    Urbanite? Is broken up concrete? What a poetic inviting name! Our waterfall is built of Urbanite!

    And foxtail fern, another South African ;~)

  2. The greenhouse is always a favorite place in winter and I can see why, at your house too. Lots of lovely plants to watch over and enjoy. I love your idea for increasing the humidity. I need to get out and tidy up my greenhouse today in preparation for our cold weather.

  3. Thank you for visiting. It was timely for filling the greenhouse. The low outside last night was 37 degrees for a short time.

    Urbanite is indeed broken concrete and what I am using is very old and rough and the aggregate shows. They call it 'native south Texas stone' in Texas. I think Urbanite sounds grand in a country garden.

  4. Nice post thanks for sharing...loves from holland...God bless you...

  5. Your greenhouse and plants look immaculate and well presented. The weather here will soon turn frosty and also have me thinking of next Spring. How I seem to wish my life away. I will add a picture of your garden and a link to your blog on my (Your Gardens) page. Let me know and I will understand if you would want it removed. alistair

  6. Wow Nell, your greenhouse is filled with so many goodies and everything looks lush and healthy.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  7. I just love how you have decorated everything! I would have never thought to decorate a greenhouse. What an unexpected delight! Love the lamp, the glass container, the marbles in the heard shaped container, the fountain, and all your adorable pots! Who would have thought to use a toothbrush holder for planting!!! Adorable! I'm going to use that!

  8. Thanks, all of you. Alistair, it's a pleasure to join your group. Holley, it's a play house for the winter. Why not have fun?

  9. Wow! What captivating indoor setting and gorgeous plants you have, NellJean! The variegated hydrangea plants are so luscious and beautifully lit and the vibrant red Begonias as neighbours make them even more sparkling! If I have even a third of yours, it'd be great joys instead and definitely paradise! :)
    Have fun!

  10. You have created such a wonderful atmosphere in the greenhouse. I could spend hours just enjoying the warm sunshine.


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