Saturday, October 22, 2011

We're Ready, Where's the Cold?

 I've potted, stuck cuttings, moved pots, prepared for the worst weather. It's still warm.

White begonias behind bird of paradise foliage
underplanted with ferns.
Epiphyllums with a gardenia behind.

Colocasia and Persian Shield with alternanthera weaving through
-- a single plant that sprouted last winter from seed.

Gingers on the right, Airplanes on the stand, gerberas
in pots on the left. Tiny blue glass containers hold
marbles and water to help with humidity.
Pots stepping down to the left hold blue porterweed,
Firecracker fern and Duranta cuttings.

A plastic takeout tray holds stones and marbles and
water for humidity. Pentas cuttings, Foxtail fern and Begonias.
Barely noticed at left is Epiphyllum and a bromeliad.

A stray daisy that I cut when I potted up gerberas,
Altenanthera in a mug. A rooted piece of
Christmas cactus. Begonia cuttings.

Bits of rooted begonias, pentas cuttings.
Colocasias and Persian Shield around the fountain.

Hydrangea Mariesii variegata cuttings.

Mesclun is sprouting!
We expect to have winter greens.

Sweet alyssum seedlings coming up around leggy
Foxtail Ferns. Syngonium near the floor;
A small brug with a tuft of leaves at the top.

I potted every little airplane that broke off.
An ice cream carton holds dozens of alternanthera cuttings.
Pot on the left is broken off ghost plant pieces.
Round glass bowl behind holds sea glass, marbles and
a piece of Brazilian ruellia rooting beside a seashell.

More humidity. Many of the plants that I bring inside are
root-hardy here. I pot them up for tropical effect.

Our earliest frost date has passed. Temperatures in the thirties was predicted the other night.
Keeping humidity up and temperatures down in the bright sunshine is a challenge.

Secrets of a Seedscatterer        


  1. The cold weather is late arriving here as well but I'm not near so prepared as you are so I'm happy to have it put off. What a great room that looks like. Must be wonderful to sit there in winter and enjoy all those plants.

  2. I would say you are making full use of the greenhouse! Could you possibly squeeze something else in...I love it.

    I hope you still have room for a chair to sit and enjoy it!

    We have had three light frosts so far - right on schedule.

  3. The cold arrived late for us last year too but I'm pleased to say the warmth is back right on time! You have lots happening and you're very prepared, looks like you'll have a wonder place to sit in the depths of snowy winter!

  4. It's all so neat and clean in there. You have cuttings of things I leave outside year around and your temperatures do not get as cold as ours...

  5. I can still tuck in more, Glenda. The cat's wicker shelf unit has upper shelves; he just uses the bottom shelf.

    Darla, not all my cuttings and potted things are because they can't stay outside. Protected plants will be ready to go out early April. Some in the ground will be end of May returning from the roots and bloom delayed until July. White shrimp plant never blooms outside here unless started inside. Bloom starts on short days when the outside plants are still killed back to the roots.

    Some, like Gerberas and Pentas, are inside so I can see blooms all winter.

  6. Yes, where is the cold. Suddenly it is summer again here. I want to be thinking about putting my stuff inside too.

  7. I still have some tenders to bring inside yet, but they are slowly making their way in. If I take them to the greenhouse, it is 20 miles away and a real pain, so most go back into my office. You are lucky you have your greenhouse so close at hand. Looks real good too, nice and well stocked.

  8. You in the temperate climes certainly have a lot to do for your plants during winter. And you also need a lot of space for them to sit inside. I feel for you, as here in the tropics they are just there in full sunshine or little shade throughout the year. Maybe it is also a disadvantage because that make us forget them, and be reminded again when they are so scraggly, leggy, and not beautiful anymore. Somehow, they received more love in your climate.


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