Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bloom Day Indoors: Begonias and Pentas

We've had a freeze already. On a single night temps fell to 29F and frost took many of the outside flowers. We do have blossoms inside. Camellias and a few other outdoor blossoms persist. Inside blooms are a joy.

Begonias in white and red, Pentas, Kalanchoes with buds, Purple Heart, Airplane Plants,
a Gardenia on the right. Containers of marbles and water add humidity.

There's a surprise. Bromeliad past its prime
has a pup up under the old plant.
White Pentas, Cardamon Ginger.
Alpinias are my best gingers for inside,
I've found. Others want a dormant period.

Pentas cuttings are starting to bloom, tiny things.
Lettuce seedlings are having a spa day outside, glimpsed
through the side wall. They like the cold.

Porterweed cuttings are already blooming.
Various tiny cuttings are stuck everywhere.

Begonias make good Christmas red and white pots. They're quite
hardy and great house plants.
Red Begonia and 'Mariesii Varigata' Hydrangea rooted

Improvised greenhouse sink from an old washtub.

My Outdoor Blooms are HERE.

Bloom Day is Hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens
Do visit and leave a link to your Bloom Day blossoms.

Happy Bloom Day.

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  1. Beautiful indoor blooms to keep you happy...I was able to salvage some herbs from outdoors to grow indoors this year...they are doing nicely so far!!

  2. Hi NellJean - the colors in your greenhouse and the light - just lovely. Seeing your healthy little cuttings makes me happy!

  3. A greenhouse would be nice to have. I noticed in your greenhouse ghost plants...i really like that hardy succulent.

  4. Sorry to hear you've already received a freeze! But, your greenhouse plants look so toasty and cozy and warm and happy! I bet it's a real treat for you to go inside and smell the earth, feel the humidity, and see all the colorful blooms.

  5. Lovely glasshouse. I sigh with envy. Even though we don't get much frost where I garden--I still want a glasshouse. Happy Bloom Day!

  6. Both your indoor and outdoor blooms are pretty. Love that camouflaged bug in the outdoor post. It took me a minute to find it!

  7. Loving your indoor blooms.
    Looks like maybe some are in a greenhouse? You said Airplane Plants....no clue.
    You seem to have a longer season than NJ...must be nice.

  8. Your indoor plants and blooms are lovely! I really like the turquoise pots too! Happy Bloom Day!

  9. Neal Jean, i love your shelf, was already looking at it last time you posted it. I always pity plants in the temperate climates which suffer a lot when frost arrived. Do you know that porterweed are just really weeds growing in the wild here in the tropics. We just cut and pull them out when they interfere in our gardens, but when a lot of them grow together and the butterfly are there, it is also nice to see! Our pentas are also growing directly in the ground and grows to bushes.

  10. Lovely to see the begonias, bromeliad, and pentas thriving thriving indoors while you go into your winter. Mine are doing well here outside as we head into summer. Happy GBBD.

  11. Love the washtub planter! You certainly have an array of lovely blooms to keep your garden appetite satisfied through the winter, though I'd be thrilled to have camellias blooming outside as well. I've never tried to overwinter pentas before; seeing yours, now I wish I'd brought some cuttings indoors before they froze. Happy Bloom Day!

  12. Looks really good in your greenhouse.

  13. I love your greenhouse sink.

    I finally remembered to take some cuttings of things, this year. Now, let's see if I keep them going all winter.

    Happy Bloomday.

  14. Nell, What a treat to see all the blooms you have in your greenhouse! I have a potted amaryllis bulb sitting on a corner of my desk at work (a much warmer space than my house) putting up green. I'm hoping for blooms on it for the holidays. -Jean

  15. What beautiful indoor plants! I love all the blue pots and marbles. I don't have an indoor plants anymore sadly due to a combination of little kids knocking them over and cats chewing on them. Maybe someday!

  16. Oh, my....luv, luv your washtub/greenhouse sink.

    I'd give a lot to have a place for so many indoor plants and I'd fill it with those white begonias.


  17. Those are pretty bloom from Begonia! I never have luck with Begonia and Petunia. I have killed 2 of them twice....sigh...!
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  18. You do have quite a bit on the go in your greenhouse. The white Pentas is my favourite Pentas, out of all the possible colours. It makes such a statement in any garden. It's so lovely to see all those blooms.

  19. Nell Jean, I noticed some healthy beautiful succulents. Do they do well inside? I don't have any luck with keeping them indoors. Not enough light I guess.

  20. You saw Graptopetalum paraguayense and Kalanchoe, I think. Both spent the summer outside and have moved inside for the winter.

    Graptopetalum will survive outside but it will look rough at winter's end. Birds or squirrels chew the leaves when water is in short supply. Every leaf that gets knocked up, I place on the soil in any handy pot. I enjoy seeing those little plants form at the end of a leaf.

    I have no particular tips for care; I repotted the Kalanchoe and rooted two pieces that broke off. They're starting to form buds now.


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