Friday, November 25, 2011

Inside and Out: Camellia japonica Mathotiana

The first Camellia japonica to bloom is Mathotiana, planted here almost fifty years ago by Lane's late sister.

He pulled up the bush and moved it away from the house about 20 years ago, then went off to Texas and it died for lack of water. After a few years, a new plant arose from a piece of dormant root.

Violas continue bloom outside the greenhouse.
Plants where I suspect deer nibble have only a scattered blossom.

Gerbera Daisies remain outside, blooming.
Pots will go inside when frost threatens.

Inside, a new leaf unfurled on the
Bird of Paradise. I guess a bloom is
too much for which to hope.
I'm happy with a new leaf.

Every day there's a little better peek at how the Amaryllis Hippeastrum will look in bloom.
Blooms can last up to a month, I read today. It could last until Christmas?

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  1. Love your blooms and everything looks fantastic in your greenhouse.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. What a delicate pink your Mathotiana bloom is! Gorgeous - especially paired with all those white petals. Amazing how plants can come up from the tiniest root sometimes. I completely understand how it would have died in a Texas drought! :) Love your amaryllis, too. Such anticipation!

  3. The camellia is beautiful...How wonderful that it came back from a piece of root!

  4. appreciate the resilience of the camellia, and in the unfurling of the new bird of paradise leaf and unfolding Amaryllis flower.

  5. Story just as beautiful as the Camellia.

  6. You know I covet the camellias. I would like to have one, but only if it could be as beautiful as yours. The camellias grown here don't ususally look very pretty.

    What a handsome rooster in the greenhouse! I bet he could drive Ike crazy!

    I have just started my amaryllis. I have several to give for gifts, but they may not be in bloom by Christmas. Something to look forward to after Christmas, maybe.

  7. What a nice story for the Camellia.

  8. Oh, how lovely. I have family in the south and have always had a soft spot for Camelias. The are the prettiest flowers. They other blooms are looking fab, too, but I can't take my eyes off that Camelia!


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