Friday, November 18, 2011

Oh, Dear. Deer Nibbled my Violas

I noticed that the terra cotta pot of violas that looked so good for bloom day looked as if it had a haircut.  Some of the others looked 'pinched' too. I wondered who had been nibbling? Rabbits?

Then I noticed bits of viola petals floating in the birdbath and that there is a path...

I do not believe the wind blew viola petals all the way over here.
I think they fell from deer lips.

Water drips into a depression in a rock for a natural birdbath.
I used bamboo when I had some. It eventually rots.
A length of PVC pipe attached to a rebar post stays in place much better, if not aesthetically pleasing.
One day I might paint it as faux bamboo.

Deer have followed this path for years. They come from the woods, go to the fields and cross the dirt road, eventually crossing another highway and going to a creek a mile away. When the creek dries up sometimes this is the only water for a long way.

The viola pots are now in the back beside Ike the Cat's greenhouse 'porch' where they're less a temptation to ranging deer because the path to them would pass where Buffy the Dog sleeps. No harm done, they'll fill out again quickly.

This pot was in the back and flowers were not eaten.

If you can't read it in this light, it says 'THYME'

One last thing: I flattened some spoons from the dollar store in a vise and pounded herb names onto them with letter stamps from a tool store. Old silverplate might make nicer markers than stainless. Rubbing the names with ink or paint to darken them is a good idea, I forgot. Deer do not bother herbs.

Secrets of a Seedscatterer        


  1. NealJean,

    Still might be the work of a squirrel and not deer. Guess you might catch them red handed to be sure. Just bought a flat on pansies today, hope mine are not eaten, never had problems before.

  2. I never had problems with violas before, either, Randy. Squirrels have been busy with pecans, but I guess they wouldn't pass up anything so tempting. There was a little pile of fluffy grey down on the edge of the birdbath the other day. I tried not to blame Ike for whatever happened to some little bird.

  3. The deer was redecorating!

  4. I love the spoon markers!

    Deer aren't a problem here in the yard but we see lots of them back on the farm.

    Glad to hear the violas will bounce back.

  5. Spoon markers are a great!
    At some point, deers started to avoid my garden, but we have a bunny which includes more and more plants in its menu. Violas should grow back. Such small but strong plants!

  6. Ah...deer. They eat almost everything here. But, violas or pansies...deer candy.

    Love your spoon markers. Great idea.

  7. sorry that the deer found your violas. I had to give up violas when I moved in with the deer.

  8. Can you blame the deer. I like to put those violas in my salads too.Marvelous spoon idea. Keeping a permanent name on those markers is next to impossible.

  9. So nice of you to plant food for the deer! ;) Really, I'm sorry - I know how frustrating it can be! I do love your spoon markers! Very pretty - so much better than the little wire ones I have!


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