Monday, November 28, 2011

A Peek into my Greenhouse

Come on in and see what's blooming. It's going to be cold tonight but a freeze is not expected. I chose plants that will stand a chill but not a freeze. There's back up heat but not enough to grow orchids or sensitive tropicals.
Violas bloom outside the doors.

I added an old bathroom cabinet to the end of
the potting bench for supplies.

I wasn't expecting Amaryllis before Christmas.

Christmas Cactus is impatient to bloom, too.

The other Amaryllis buds are sprinting toward opening.
You can see the closed cabinet in this pic. I almost let the Scrap Man take it
when he cleaned out the old barn. It just fits on the potting bench top.
Begonias are a good choice for a cool greenhouse. They bloom like crazy.
Duranta is another good choice, sensitive to freezing but happy
under the least amount of protection. These are cuttings.

Alyssum commenced bloom from seed sprinkled
around the ankles of leggy Foxtail Fern.

Pentas are a great choice to overwinter. They may or may not come back outside when
they die back to the roots. Cuttings will hold in water or soil and some bloom all winter.
Variegated plant in the center is Syngonium, a houseplant and of course more begonias.
Christmas red begonias were a good choice, too.

On the right, a florist's Gardenia. It goes in the ground next spring. I've repotted it twice since last February. On the left, pentas and begonias in front of a white Kalanchoe in bud. 

On the left, Pentas cuttings already in bloom, with a Gardenia cutting that rooted in water after I cut a bloom in early July. I can't let a rooted piece go. On the right, a Rose Campion that I dug from the garden Saturday because the grey-green foliage is so pretty. Can you see the Persian Shield under the basket? Persian Shield and Purple Heart and Alternanthera are all growing under the bench together.

It's hard to choose only a handful of pics. I wanted to show you Colocasias and Gingers and the Brugmansia that isn't blooming. Yet. Oh, and the Bromeliad pup that is growing. Week after next room must be made for tulips and hyacinths that will be coming out of the refrigerator.


  1. How do you heat your greenhouse? You have a great assortment of plants. Thanks for the tour.

  2. I have always wanted to have a greenhouse...maybe some day, but for the time I will enjoy your's!!

  3. I adore peeking into your greenhouse. Hopefully things will slow a little after today and I can putter around in mine. Everything looks great in yours! The computer is flashing 40 degrees right not, I did not turn the heater on in my greenhouse last night..

  4. I always enjoy seeing what is going on in your sweet little greenhouse. I need to get out and pot up some cuttings myself.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  5. What fun to see these blooming in that wonderful greenhouse.

    When I had the hoophouse, I never kept heat on in the winter because our outside temps get so low the cost would be way too high. I see now where they have insulation type covers for greenhouses which might make it more feasible for me.

    The amaryllis are looking beautiful. I finally let mine die...

  6. I like the cabinet on the potting bench. That's the thing I'm still working in our new greenhouse, storage! It can be a challenge to keep things organized and tidy in a greenhouse. I actually like your hanging basket. We have some rafters across our greenhouse roof that we could hang some things from. That might be a good way to keep things, like pruners, close at hand too! Love the Amaryllis, and the Christmas cactus. I hope they both keep blooming through the holidays!

  7. Ah, I love your greenhouse! I wish I would have thought to move some of the summer bloomers in ours for the winter!! What a great winter sanctuary!

  8. Everything in your greenhouse looks so happy and healthy! I am sure all these colors and flowers will brighten your winter days. My Amaryllis has not bloomed yet. I bought five amaryllis last year, and they bloomed then, now I wonder if I will got the bloom out of them this year.

  9. A great tour of your (very organised) greenhouse! Are those Begonias in the little white/cream pots in the fourth photos? They look gorgeous!

  10. Thank you to all who visit and leave a note.

    Those are begonias, common wax begonias. Potted up for winter they make great bloomers.

    Heat is less a problem here than keeping plants cool when the sun shines even in winter. If the night is in the thirties, I have an electric heater. If temps get in the twenties, I have a second heater. There are back-up plans for power failures.


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