Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Would You Rather Have Amaryllis or Paperwhites?

I forgot to label them when I planted.
This might be Star of Holland. I thought Star of Holland would be redder.

The others I bought were labeled as pink. It could be a mislabeled pink.
I am happy with it, whatever its name.

Its companion Christmas cactus is pretty much the same color.

Paperwhites are coming into bud, but not all bulbs in the same container are growing at the same rate.

I used vases that were in Amaryllis kits last year.
I will not put Amaryllis in water and stones again.
Much better success planted in pots of soil with their shoulders out.

So far only one bud, in the container on the left.

I've noticed Hyacinths in the posts of bloggers in Sweden and Norway starting Advent.
My chilled Hyacinths will go into containers of stones and water in ten days.
Even if they don't bloom by Christmas, they will bring cheer on gloomy winter days.

Potted purple tulips come out of chill on the tenth also. I am eager to see them grow.

Poinsettias were looking good at the stores today. I didn't buy.

What are your flowers for the Holidays?

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  1. Neil Jean,

    I really like what ever that amaryllis it is. Thanks for your comment on my daffs we saw in bloom over the weekend.

    Got to be Helleborus niger is my favorite flowers for the holidays. I'm soured on poinsettias, after seeing 8 propane heaters set up in a huge event tent to protect them at Airlie Gardens.

  2. That amaryllis is beautiful, i will wait for the whites to open! My amaryllis is pure orange, I have posted them many times before too! I noticed your banana is already big on your indoor shelf.

  3. Hi there,

    The red Amaryllis is a typical Christmas flower in Norway. We just started our Amaryllis calendar on Facebook: Every day we'll water our bulb a tiny bit and hopefully it will have sprung out in flower by Christmas Eve :-)!/pages/Lysthagen/207822965914476

  4. My one experience with paper whites was my mom getting one and asking what it was because it smelled so horrid. Never tried amaryllis, I very much need to!

  5. Having never seen a Paperwhite in real life, I find it hard to choose. Amaryllis are just fantastic though!

  6. My first thought when seeing these photos was, "I want a greenhouse." ha-ha

    The one time I planted Paperwhites they toppled over.

    I have 4 Amaryllis going now.


  7. There really is no choice here, amaryllis wins by a landslide. Paperwhites may be beautiful, but I can't stand the smell!


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