Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Cactus Schlumbergera truncata

My mother used to wrestle a huge clay pot of Christmas Cactus unto her Ford and haul it over to the Church to adorn the altar in glorious bloom on Christmas. Its blooms were brightest pink.

 First of the week, the first blossom showed promise that mine would soon bloom.

I bought this plant, a tiny one that failed to sell,
marked down after Christmas one year for $1.25.

First fully open bloom, up close.
Mama's Christmas cactus was likely S. russelliana.
There are fine differences in the segments of the leaves,
growth habit, pollen color, blooms and time of bloom.

When I posted my bloom on Planet Epiphyte on Facebook,
Ichiro Ueno posted a photo of Schlumbergena habitat:
Pedra Azul State Park, Espirito Santo,Brasil

Schlumbergera truncata
Bloom is triggered by day length and temperature.

I'm excited to have this plant blooming for the Season.

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  1. It is a real beauty and so perfect for the holiday season.

  2. It is fabulous and the perfect colour for Christmas. I just love how easy it is to strike these plants. Something I've only recently discovered since I was given my first Schlumbergera just last year.

  3. I always luv a story about a plant bought off the sale table that then thrives. I don't own a Christmas Cactus....maybe I can find a deal the day after Christmas. Yours looks so pretty in the blue basket.

    Do you know what happened to your mother's plant? What a great story about her hauling it to church.


  4. This is a very interesting cactus! I don't think I have ever seen one of these in flower.

  5. This post reminds me that I have a Christmas cactus! It's tiny and I hadn't remembered that it's supposed to bloom! I'll have to watch it closely now. Yours is beautiful.

  6. What a beautiful plant and how special that it blooms for Christmas.

  7. I just purchased one of these plants a couple weeks ago so glad to see a post on them. Amazing what their natural environment looks like, my little windowsill pales in comparison.

  8. I love mine. And they bloom for Xmas in this climate too which is cool (they used to bloom for Halloween when I lived up North).

    I sometimes forget to water mine for the entire winter indoors and it doesn't care. They are nearly unkillable.

  9. You have a very pretty variety. I enjoy this reliable plant. They always don't make Christmas, but bloom usually twice a year.

  10. That's a very lovely Christmas cactus, not very long stems. I've seen it here in the country just once, so i thought it might need cold temperatures to grow. However, if it grows in Bernie's climate, it might grow here too. I wish i can buy one here. I just wonder if our longnights will be enough to induce it to flower! Short day plants actually need a desired number of long nights to flower.

  11. How it puts the plant in context, to see the natural habitat. So much easier to understand what the plant would like from us, so it can flourish!

  12. Congrats, Nell for such fantastic blooms... it's never easy to get these to flower let alone to survive! I've given up trying years ago.


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