Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Forced Bulbs for Winter Pleasure

One of my greatest joys is forced bulbs when the weather is cold. My paperwhites did bloom for Christmas.

Paperwhites in tall glass amaryllis vases did not do as well as I'd hoped.
They grew as tall as these in a cache-pot lined with a plastic tub.
These got morning sun for a brief period every day.

I think the secret is light. These were in the greenhouse with
good light daily. The blooms are fatter and longer lasting.
These experienced hot days and cool nights.

It's my fault the hyacinths did not bloom for Christmas.
No real problem, they'll be a delight in the dreary cold
days of January. Next year I'll chill them earlier.

These hyacinths are planted in potting soil. The ones behind are in
stones and water in a square ceramic container.

Five hyacinths are in pinch-neck frosted hyacinth vases.
Placed in a north window, they're filling the vases with roots.

After the hyacinths are done, we'll have tulips to look forward
perhaps for Valentine's Day.  Queen of Night, the darkest purple.
Firecracker Fern and Alyssum hang over the pot; those are not weeds.

There are two pots of six tulips each, one in clay pot, one in plastic
pot as an experiment. They were chilled in the pots in an extra
refrigerator. The clay pot is first to show signs of growth.

I poked around in the plastic pot to make sure the bulbs are still firm.
There's a root coming out the bottom, too.

The bonus to paperwhites and hyacinths is fragrance.

Secrets of a Seedscatterer         


  1. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing flowers they are in short supply here.

  2. Just beautiful. And such fun to have the anticipation of a bloom! I have never tried forcing bulbs, but I can see where they would be a welcome and cheery addition. I may have to give it a try next year.

  3. enjoyed your blooms so much - when did you begin the process? I always remember when its too late.

  4. I planted paperwhites two weeks before Christmas and was astonished how quickly they grew. Mine were blooming for Christmas, too! I think you are right about the light. Mine got almost no direct light and were tall and thin, though pretty enough.

    I hope you had a great christmas. Happy gardening, 2012!

  5. I need your dedication. My poor bulbs suffer, because they need repotting, and probably more water.

  6. Your Paperwhites and Amaryllis blooms are so lovely. I love white blooms. My hyacinths are going to be really late too but I will really be ready for them come the last of January. LOL!
    Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Blessed New Year.

  7. There's nothing like the fragrance of hyacinths, especially in winter. Their scent is heavenly.


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