Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Fragrant Amaryllis? I Never...

My Hippeastrum that might be Appleblossom bloomed fully on Tuesday. When I looked closely, I caught a whiff of scent. I'd never known there were scented Amaryllis other than Jewel.  On the other hand, I'd never planted Appleblossom, either.

I bought kits with Amaryllis bulbs that included a plastic pot and coir medium for planting but I potted them in clay pots and regular potting soil. Last year I bought kits that included a tall glass vase for forcing in water and stones. Those didn't work out so well. I saved the vases and this year put paperwhite narcissus in the vases for support for long floppy stems. I happen to like tall amaryllis and I used to tie them up with raffia. When they get dry, they flop. A drink of water sometimes brings them up again. Once they have huge green tops they use a lot of water.

If planting hyacinths in soil works well this year, next year I will plant all my forcing bulbs in soil rather than water and stones. I'll trial paperwhites in soil. I haven't seen that recommended but I can see no reason why it will not work.

Here in the south, paperwhites have already begun to
bloom outside in this unseasonably warm December.
Inside, there is one bud so far.

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  1. Wow that is so big and beautiful, and with scent, amazing. I only have the orange Hippeastrum and i am thinking of giving the bulbs to friends, as i already have lots of them.

  2. Oh, a paperwhite! That might be what's starting to bloom outside that I was wondering about. How nice to have an amaryllis with a scent. That one is very pretty, too. Love your new blog header!

  3. paperwhites are blooming outside here, too. i love seeing them this time of year...and i'm not a fan of their scent, so outside is preferable. just looking at some of your greenhouse photos in other posts. is there anywhere more pleasant to be this time of year than a greenhouse? not to me!

  4. It is just beautiful. It is good to see the real bloom of one after trying two times and still not getting the real Appleblossom amaryllis bloom. LOL! If it is fragrant too that is a wonderful bonus.

  5. I've never done paperwhites but I think I might this year. I'd like to come home from work each day to their sweet fragrance and white blossoms. I have three amarylis in a big pot. Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll smell good, too. :o)


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