Friday, December 30, 2011

Give More, Find Joy, Care for Yourself

Keeping New Year's Resolution are easier when they are broad and less restrictive. I found a list last year that I thought inspiring.

Finding joy is easy when there are flowers about.

Gerberas came inside to bring pleasure through cold months.

Caring for plants remind us to care for
ourselves as well. A caregiver cannot
do an excellent job without caring
for themselves first.

My rooster looks permanently toward
the East where the sun comes up.

Giving more is sometimes giving a gift.
Sometimes it is giving of ourselves.

How shall we grow in the coming year?

Secrets of a Seedscatterer         


  1. Wise words from an agile mind. Yes, indeed we must take care of our selves before we are fit and healthy to take care of others.

    How I miss the sound of a cockerel's crow, nature's alarm clock. My children only get to see them in eco-parks and zoos or on the dinner plate.

    And the hyacinth is a lesson I learnt last lunar new year that such temperate plants can't survive our hot equatorial heat.

    Nell Jean, let's have another pleasant and memorable year of blog-gardening or garden-blogging. Happy New Year 2012!

  2. I loved the post. I wish I could get those daisys to do good here. Your rooster is tops. I always look at him with admiration when I swing through your blog.

  3. Love those beautiful flowers...what a great green thumb...pretty...phyllis

  4. "How shall we grow in the coming year?" A great way to look at making resolutions. I'll have to think about that.

  5. Very wise words. Your Greenhouse is full of beauty. Happy New Year.

  6. Love this, Nell Jean! I've not spent enough time reading my gardening friends' blogs over the past year, due to one commitment or another. Now I've started a new website,, and I hope you'll come visit and maybe join. Regardless, all best wishes to you in 2012.

  7. Look to the east and the sunrise - that is an idea I might borrow from you. Our verandah faces east, so when I'm in the Adirondack with a book, I do look to the east. Tho I am very rarely awake for sunrise!

  8. Excellent advice and great images! I'm trying to think that way this year, too. So much potential ahead, and opportunities to grow. Cheers!

  9. Happy New Year Nell!
    I hope you stick with the caring of one's self .. I forget so many times and push the envelope only to be flattened out .. so I am going to try and remember your post here and do my best for myself , then I can do my best for others and my garden !
    So thank you ver much for this reminder : )

  10. Wishing you a healthy 2012.

  11. What a wonderful post. Especially liked: Finding joy is easy when there are flowers about. Your photos are great, too.



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