Saturday, December 10, 2011

Looking Out when the Day is Dreary: Mathotiana

Tara always reminds us to look out the window. Here's the view from where the dog sits on the window seat to watch for visitors.
'Mathotiana' Camellia Japonica
Mathotiana up close.

Mathotiana was released by Flowerwood Nursery of Alabama in 1951. Blooms are light crimson with  sometimes a purple cast when the weather is cold.
Tight buds ensure that replacements are available if a freeze browns open blossoms.

When I went to the mailbox I scouted to see what might be open for Bloom Day. Old fashioned white petunias south of the concrete carport ledge; tiny blossoms of Tea Olive Osmanthus fragrans, red Shrimp Plant in protected places and scattered fringes of loropetalum are all in bloom now.

Maybe I'll get out Peter Loewer's book on Planning and Planting for the Southeast. In the fall I had my sights on indoor flowers for Christmas and the dreary days of January to follow. Christmas is covered with Amaryllis, paperwhite Narcissus and Christmas Cactus. 

Paperwhites in the greenhouse are outdistanced by those in
the house, which have formed buds.

Tiny green tips are beginning to show on the hyacinths I potted
earlier this week. Those in pinch vases have green tips and
some long roots forming.

Today I brought tulips out of the chill where they spent 10 weeks in preparation for winter bloom. He-who-mows ordered me an electric kettle for preparing tea and hot cocoa mix. January and February may be cold and dreary but we'll be cheered by blossoms with our tea.

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  1. What a fabulous view your dog has from the window seat. 'Mathotiana' is quite lovely. Your Paperwhites and Hyacinths are doing so well. You're going to have some beautiful blooms to get you through the winter. Is that a variegated Ginger in the pot next to those greenhouse Paperwhites?

  2. It is indeed a variegated ginger: Alpinia. I potted up some gingers that do not require a rest period and brought in to give the greenhouse a more tropical look.

  3. Wow green and blooming. Nice to see. Season's Greetings.

  4. I love camellias, her in London where i live, I can't expect my Camellia to be in full flower for another 2-3 months, although sometimes I have had one or two flowers fully opened in January.

    Love your blog, so many nice photos!


  5. When I lived in SC, we had a beautiful camellia in our garden. I tried to grow a sasanqua here but it did so poorly I pulled it out just to end its misery. I do miss them. Your dog has great taste in viewing spots!

  6. You're so lucky to have camellias in your part of the world, Nell Jean. You haven't really experienced drear until you've looked out onto the unrelieved browns and greys of a snowless December in Toronto. Thank goodness for the orange berries on my pyracantha, or I'd be starved for colour. Indoors is another thing, though. I'll be potting up three huge new amaryllis bulbs this afternoon. We gardeners take our blooms where we may.

  7. So, who said that dogs don't appreciate dark flowers especially when it's cold to go outside! And your amaryllis and hyacinths are giving big promises, we will wait.

  8. What a treat to see Camellia at this time of the year.


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