Monday, December 12, 2011

What You Do with a Broken Pot?

This big broken clay pot and some shards of smaller pots have been outside gathering patina for a while now. It was just right for filling a corner next to the water source. The broken-out side acts as a base to keep the bigger part of the pot from rolling and elevates the end.

I started with some pieces of Graptopetalum and some leaves that broke off that will root and grow a plant in place. Then I thought sedum acre, which will grow on most anything with good drainage. I stuck in a rooted piece of Brazilian ruellia that need a home.

I save every succulent leaf that falls. They are really
brittle and easily dislodged. I've been dropping them into
any nearby plant. Now rootlings have a place of their own.

It seemed a little sparse while we wait for sprouts.

A couple of rooted chlorophytums, more tiny Ghost
rootlings, and a hyacinth bulb in another patina'd pot.

Topped off with a rooted piece of Kalanchoe.
Ghost plants and sedum will survive outside, but the others are 
too tender in freezing temps which are bound to come.

Secrets of a Seedscatterer         


  1. I would have never thought of this, but I really like it! Very creative.

  2. I really like this little garden.

    Love the silvery palette.

    Have a lovely Christmas season.


  3. How wonderful to have that fabulous pot in your greenhouse! I use broken pots as toad houses. But I usually buy fiberglass pots. I'm a klutz and I need pots that bounce!

  4. Jennifer@threedogsinagarden
    This re-use of an old broken pot also might be good in the garden. I used to have a couple in my garden until they finally fell to pieces.

  5. Very creative! I always seem to break mine into a hundred little pieces.

  6. Love it!! Such a great creative use of the broken pot! It looks gorgeous already.

  7. Very clever. I would be afraid to move it. Love how it looks.

  8. Hi Nell, thanks for visiting mygardenhaven and leaving a comment. I have a few broken pots that I can't bear to throw they're quite pretty. This is a good idea.

  9. Very clever idea. I like how is 'spills' out of the pot. My pots are never that big but I do keep them for shards to place in the bottom of other pots.

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  11. How charming ... I love what you've done and you've given me a wonderful idea for using a broken pot!

  12. Yes that is lovely, a little crib for the developing babies!

  13. I like this idea! I always hesitate to throw away broken pots. Very nice!
    Have Happy Holidays, Nell Jean!


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