Friday, January 20, 2012

I Never Met a Geophyte I Didn't Like

I'm a big fan of fragrance in the garden and year-round flowers. No group of plants better fits this need than bulbs. We include those with an underground storage organ: corms, rhizomes and tubers along with bulbs.
My hyacinths have commenced bloom.

Daffoldils from last March.

String lily Crinum Americanum with
Elephant Ears, Colocasia species.
Rhodophiala, late summer.

Amaryllis 'Exotica' for Christmas bloom

Regale lilies

Kniphofia in the summer.

I could go on and on reviewing previous years' blossoms and singing the praises of Geophytes. I was prompted to take a look back to tell you about the book, Bulbs for Garden Habitats by Judy Glattstein.

I got acquainted with Judy on a web site with a common theme: gardening, specifically bulbs. She asked if I'd be interviewed for a book she was working on, which is how I came to be featured in Bulbs for Garden Habitats. I am one of a number of persons across America that she interviewed. She uses personal experiences from her own garden as well.

It is usually my practice to use books that are intended for the climate in which I garden. This book has something for most gardeners who plant bulbs anywhere, with headings for various situations.

Crinums and Cannas in the summer garden

Secrets of a Seedscatterer    


  1. Congratulations on being interviewed for a book! What an honor and how exciting! Your flowers are all beautiful - what gardener doesn't love bulbs? This sounds like a wonderful book. I could use a good book and more education on bulbs. Thank you so much for joining in the meme!

  2. I'll have to see if I can get hold of this one. I too could use another book on bulbs.

  3. Wow Nell, how fantastic to be interviewed for a book. Your knowledge and experience from working with your own gardens has certainly paid off nicely.


  4. Well, I learned a new word today, and I can hardly wait to use it among my gardening friends. I thought a geophyte might be related to a neophyte. I guess I am a "beginner" when it comes to bulb terminology! The book sounds like a useful one to have in the gardener's library. I will be looking for this one and would love to read about your interview for the book!

  5. I would like to grow more bulbs, and this sounds like a good book to help me do that.

  6. I very belatedly planted some allium bulbs from last fall yesterday. I'm finding so many treasures in this meme. I want to read all the books!

  7. I what gorgeous flowering bulbs. I love hyacinths and daffodils...wish I would have planted more this past fall!
    Thanks for sharing you gorgeous photos!
    Miss Bloomers

  8. Congrats on being included in the book and thanks for your tip on my paperwhites.

  9. Nell, you make my eyes, nose and fingers ache for Spring. Congratulations on being asked to contribute to Bulbs for Garden Habitats!

  10. Congratulations from me as well for contributing to such a book. Where would we be without the bulbs, The Regale Lily is a favourite of mine.


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