Monday, January 2, 2012

It Might as Well Be Spring

The New Year is starting off with beautiful sunshine after rain yesterday. Yesterday's zephyrs from the southwest have turned into northwest gusts bringing cold air. Tonight we expect a low of 27F.

Recent mild termperatures convinced white azaleas to bloom.
These are late March flowers as a general rule.
For some reason this particular azalea loves to send out early blooms.
I bought them as Delaware Valley White, which was incorrect. 
It's a tall cultivar that likes to tumble down the slope.

Snowlike alyssum against a pale stone.

Larkspur seedlings are coming up. This early one put out a tentative blossom that the freeze will take out. Verbena on a stick is still blooming as well and will be nipped by the cold as well.

I didn't expect a daffodil so soon. This is not an early one, just dazzled by all that rye grass and warm temperatures through Christmas and the New Year.

Calla lilies under a camellia bush so pretty and green I couldn't resist. I dug them all and potted them for the greenhouse. Freeze would surely kill the tops back. Now they won't have to start over and might even bloom inside. I've had them in winter bloom before.

I also dug and potted some Agapanthus with pretty green tops. Last year they kept getting frostbitten and none bloomed in the summer. I stuffed several in a big pot and two in a smaller pot, crowding the roots in hopes of forcing bloom. I haven't made pics of the potted plants.

After tonight's freeze, the pretty bloom of Blood of China Camellia will be all brown and ugly. The edges of the partly open bloom may be bitten. The tight buds at top will not be affected and will bloom when it's warm again.

The greenhouse is closed up tight against wind gusts. Tomorrow nights low is predictetd 21F. By Friday, the nightly lows will come above freezing again.

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  1. It's too warm here, too and spring plants have burst into bloom at the National Arboretum in DC. I love your camellias! I miss having them in the garden. Lucky you to have a greenhouse! :o)

  2. Warm here in the daytime also. I said the same thing to a neighbor yesterday, it feels like Spring. Even some plants are growing and green, but nothing like what you have in the garden. Sounds like you are getting the colder temps, we are 22° now, and hopefully get the snow to cover up those growing.

  3. I hate the cold, but I'm hoping it gets to be winter before everything starts coming out. It's hard to see the blooms being hit by a freeze. I don't have spring blooms yet like you. How frustrating - for you and the spring blooms!

  4. Nell, I saw my tulips were coming up so I piled leaves over them! That is way too early here.

    Can you keep the greenhouse warm enough?

    I love seeing all the flowers you southerners still have. Do you have to mow all winter?

  5. Goodness, it does seem early for daffodils. I haven't even seen a hint of ours yet. Happy New Year Nell Jean!

  6. Tonight might be the night for first freeze here at my house too... 35 and dropping!

  7. Azaleas in January! Wow. You have had warm weather just like we have had in the last two weeks. Some of my lantana are blooming and my bulbs are coming up. Hope the freeze wasn't too bad.


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