Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pieces of Old -- Sorting the Garden Shed

Our garden shed has three rooms. One was once the washhouse. The open windows to the south wereclosed and the wash room is now garden tool storage.

The center room was the smokehouse, now storage including some rough cedar planks cut off this place some fifty years ago. They were intended to make cedar chests. It never happened.

Included in the treasures in this area are two ancient trunks.

The north room was called the 'fruit room' and has two deep shelves where canned goods and jars were stored. They are now full of junk. On the walls are two home-built cabinets that were placed willy-nilly.

These areas have too many cans of old paint, long dried out; pieces of pipe and wire saved for some vague purpose; items that moved from the garage, a portable clothesline, an old door,

 a shoe last, treasures for long-forgotten mosaic projects, old windows,

vintage chairs, seashells, vases, baby furniture from the 40s, meat hooks from the smokehouse days. 

On pleasant days before time to start outdoor projects, I'm in the building, sorting and moving, sweeping out years of dust and cobwebs.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this project, but I'll get the trunks ready.

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  1. Your garden shed, sounds like a wonderful place. I love that kind of stuff....and, all that storage space.
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with those lovely trunks.

  2. Those trunks look really great! I'd love one of those :)

  3. Your shed sounds like a place I could sift through for hours. I love looking at old bits and pieces and wondering how I can put them to use.

  4. I restored a couple old trunks, some are quite amazing with their artwork in the lids. Mine was from the Hampton Roads area...still had the shipping label in it. Obie Carter, Fortress Monroe.
    Great treasures!

  5. oh wow, so many treasures!! you lucky girl :-)

  6. We just hired someone to clean out some sheds that were filled with junk.
    It looks like you have some very good things....the trunks for instance.

    I think I will finally get rid of all my old windows. I will never build a greenhouse using them.....

    Good luck with your cleaning project. We all need those places to store things but they get overloaded over the years.

  7. Those trunks are filled with beauty and character. It is always amazing what one can find behind, under, or stashed away somewhere.

  8. What fun to have sheds to sort through like that! I love your trunks! Thanks for the nice things you said on my blog.

  9. Sorting is a fun activity , if you have the time. Every year we go though it , at home. What I think junk , will be kept back, by husband. We share the moments when we bought those things, and why.:-)
    Finally, the junk is only a little less, and the next year, repeat he process.

    It is very nice of you to photograph the old stuff, and share it with readers.



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