Friday, January 27, 2012

Pruning Wisteria Winds up the Week

Battling a cold left me so tired of being inside. I put on a hoodie against the wind and went out in the sunshine with pruning shears and loppers. Daffodils are promising spring and the weatherman is promising a freeze this weekend. Cat brier vines grown up in the wisteria needed to be gotten out along with some pruning of boxwoods. Cat brier roots need grubbing out when I'm up to the task.

Rye grass has done well in this area. Daffodils keep putting out a
tentative bloom, as if to test whether it's spring yet. 
Wisteria ringed by boxwoods at far right.

I tried to keep the wisteria pruned in bounds all summer and fall.
The ancient boxwoods surrounding the wisteria were pruned in stages.
Boxwoods get another pruning before they're sheared, to ensure good
growth in the interior of the plants.

Light pruning of lantana stems allow daffodils easier growth.
There's an eager bud in every crowd, impatient to show off.

There is a tiny white spider at the left lower
edge of this daffodil cup.

White azaleas tried to bloom all month.
Freezes keep nipping them back.

Dogwood stems and buds are silhouetted against the sky behind the azaleas, promising spring.
We still have February to go through and part of March before the threat of frost is gone.
I have more than enough pruning to keep me busy on every warm day.

Wisteria buds promise a sight like the one below, in about 8 weeks.

Wisteria from a previous year, same site as above.

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  1. I am so looking forward to our white wisteria blooming this year, last year was the first year and it had 4 or 5 blooms, it was so pretty!

  2. Wisteria is one flower which got my full love and attention the first time i saw it, just like pansies and snowdrops. But they are all in the temperate climate, which we don't have even in nurseries. Our wisteria here is invasive and doesn't produce flowers as beautiful as those in yours. I just now content myself looking at the blog posts. I will wait till your plant bloom again, maybe it will be more lush than the above.

  3. I love all that lush green rye grass. You have reminded me that I need to begin pruning fruit trees our next nice day. I don't do bushes or shrubs. I pulled out all those a few years back.
    I also need to burn down my ornamental grass. Now is a good time for that after our 2 inch rain.

    How lovely to see that single yellow jonquil. Mine are just coming up.

  4. We need to prune our Crepe Myrtles. My mother's neighbor has Wisteria and it has about taken over, kind of like kudzu. We are going to the Glenn Miller Bank concert tomorrow at Spivey Hall, which is on the Clayton State campus. I know you like the big band music.

  5. How lucky you are to be getting spring already! I have to admit, we've had a mild winter, but there's still a long way to go before we get any spring blooms. Hey Nell Jean, when you get a minute, make note of my new blog address. My old one was deleted due to someone else's fraud. Grrrr!

  6. Wow. Daffodils and azalea blooms already. Here in the desert the daffodils are getting taller daily, but no blooms yet.


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