Sunday, January 29, 2012


Seeds scattered in late November are coming up everywhere!


Larkspur seedlings with little fringed leaves.

Rudbeckia. There is a seed pod and a tiny flower.
Lots of chickweed abounds. Hot spring sun will take it out if
I don't get around to pulling it all.

3 kinds of poppies: corn, California and breadseed poppies

Native Corydalis and California poppy seedlings. 
Corydalis looks like parsley, except with blue leaves.
California poppy leaves look like blue fern.
The big leaves to the left are Verbena bonariensis, hanging on through the freezes.

These are Hardy annuals. Freezes will not faze them.

Secrets of a Seedscatterer       


  1. I need to check my fall/winter sown seeds. Maybe I have some coming up as well. Spring is on its way!

  2. New life everywhere! Just wonderful.

  3. Oh yeah baby! I have seedlings up too...anticipation!!...

  4. Oh, cool! This is my favorite time of year in the garden -- spotting all sorts of little shoots and greenery popping up out of the soil. I am 4 months out from that joy, so I'll have to live vicariously through you but it's still fun!

  5. How wonderful to have all these little ones coming up in your gardens. They will soon be giving you much visual pleasure.

    What is your pinterest address so I can check you out? I've never even visited there yet. Thanks for the pin for our caravan.


  6. I look forward to seeing your poppy blooms!

  7. I have poppies up and larkspur! I am so excited! I am cutting and pulling seedlings from the flowerbeds that have a good start ahead of me. I have not worked in some of these beds in 2 years, but cannot let it go another year. Cutting roses back next week!
    I love your bench from Glenn.

  8. New life popping up here too in NC, quite a bit ahead of schedule... I nominated you for a Versatile Bloggers award. See

  9. It looks like spring in your garden. I just scattered some poppy seeds; I hope mine come up half as well as yours.

  10. You would think with all of the warm weather here I would have a lot of this sprouting as well. The rudbeckia has come up in some spots, but not everywhere. I noticed the daffodils are budding and blooming in one spot, and in others, they are just breaking through the earth. I like your sprouts...hope for spring...


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