Monday, January 23, 2012

Speak to Me in Plain English, Madam, and Do Not Talk Southern

I've found a new source of ideas for garden styling. There is a string of Swedish blogs in my feed reader. Reading them is a 3-step process: open the reader, go to the site, translate in Google Translate which doesn't work in the reader.

Since there is a language barrier that complicates getting permissions, I am illustrating this post with my own photos that suggest ideas I've seen in Swedish blogs.

Among my favorite themes are the use of forced bulb flowers in winter: hyacinths, amaryllis and paperwhites; twine and raffia, dried moss and burlap to decorate pots; zinc containers, lots of white to reflect light, candles; creative use of brown paper and book pages; cookies.

I'm learning a few Swedish words. My favorite is Vaxthus -- the greenhouse. I'm wild about the way they decorate their greenhouses. A little table for tea, folding chairs, charming shelves, wicker, clay pots.
My wood roll-up path is actually imported from Russia.

The Stockholm design show, Formex, is featured on a number of blogs. Lots of decor ideas there.

Come summer, when the Swedish bloggers use their greenhouses most I expect many new ideas.

Sheet moss covers the soil in my hyacinth pots.
They need a twine bow around the pot before giving away.

I started a Scandinavian bloglist on the sidebar of Dotty Plants blog, which I am using for Greenhouse posts now.

Now to learn how to say, "I visited and think your blog is wonderful," without losing in the translation.

Where have you found inspiration?


  1. Seeing the hyacinths in the pots blooming now is certainly an inspiration. Maybe next year!!

    1. Bulbs help to make winter tolerable. This winter hasn't been bad so far, but last January was awful. Cold came and stayed. Should I remind you in September about the hyacinths?

    2. Sure!! If you think of it. I can't remember from one day to the next let alone September.

  2. Love that pic of the blooms tied together. Isn't it wonderful to find new ideas on the internet? It gets us all excited all over again!

    1. There are so many things to discover outside our own zones. Their summer is like my winter, so I may find even more great ideas.

  3. I gotta talk like I talk. Beg pardon iffen it loses somethin in da translation...
    I recently read another blog where the lady wuz complainin how her garden dint look like the pics posted online uv her fave landscape designers....
    I dint have feedback fuh her, but she did receive feedback to the extent of not being hung up over the transitory period, that getting to those design photos wuz a work uv years.
    Maybe try using google's browser? Chrome offers to translate as soon as I open the page...
    Google is getting better... remember the garbled translations of 5 or 7 years ago, when you had to guess at what was meant?
    I read garden blogs for the pics neway... rarely read much of the dialog...

    1. There's a series on Garden Rant this week on Reality Check in the garden. Glamour Shots is not real life.

      Google Translate works for me in understanding what THEY said. Will they understand what I say? The feed reader doesn't offer any translation, hence the extra step in getting to the meat of the matter.

  4. Nice post. As they say in Sweden, Tack så mycket


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