Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What Holds You Back?

We came through the night with a low outside of 23.2 F and 37.2 in the greenhouse. There were several trips outside before midnight to adjust the two little heaters to optimum warmth without burning out the heating elements or letting plants freeze.

Would you like to come inside?

I've been looking at Pinterest members who have a board with pictures of home greenhouses with labels like 'Someday' or 'I want this.' I always wonder when they're going to make that dream a reality or do they just like to look?

Hyacinths, some in water and stones, some in pots of soil.
I used to put these in the unheated laundry room. They did fine.

What Holds You Back

... from making a potager?
... from building a water feature?
... from installing a greenhouse?
... from creating a potting area?

Mesclun -- I move it outside when it isn't freezing.
Cut and come again for a salad, clip just
arugula to top a pizza hot from the oven.

Pentas, dozens of cuttings in the fall to hold
over for next year's butterfly garden.

What will be your garden project in the New Year?


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  1. Thanks for sharing your greenhouse photos. How big is it? I would like to have one but I have a teeny-tiny yard, so it will have to wait until I get more space one day. My garden projects for the New Year are to grow different tomato varieties in deeper containers so I can try to get the big fruit, and to build a container for growing potatoes. Happy New Year!

  2. Great pictures of your greenhouse Nell.

    What holds me back most times is procrastination, or the heat, or lack of energy and then I get a burst of inspiration and I'm off working on a project. Lately a lack of extra funds has kept me away from buying any new plants. I have bought potting soil though to plant seeds in.

    Right now it is too cold down here in s.e. FL to go out and garden so I'm staying indoors. It is 51, but with the winds we are having it feels like it is 40. BRRRR.

    Hope everything survives in your greenhouse dear Nell as you have so many lovelies growing in there.

    Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

  3. Excellent post Nell and very appropriate for the new year...happy new year by the way. Sound like you had a chilly, chilly night. We hovered around 33 but some damage has been done.

  4. I think that lack of money is what most often holds people back. Certainly my budget is smaller than my dreams! Sometimes my job and other responsibilities can interfere almost as much as my pitiful budget! My next project, hopefully accomplished in the next two months is a refinement, if not a remake, of the area I call the Lady Garden. It involves dirt moving, stone work, and some new plants. I hope to get started very soon;

  5. What holds me back is the work! I'm getting lazier and lazier as I get older. Or maybe I'm just wiser, and understand before I start the project just how much work it's going to be! My garden project will be to complete some of the projects I started last year! Your greenhouse, though, is beautiful, and I can feel how much enjoyment you get from it. That is a successful project!

  6. Neil Jean,

    We did our cold frames on the cheap. Yours looks so lasting compared to ours. Going out in the middle of a freezing night, you have a lot of gumption no question. We got the same temps last night even the garlic looked very unhappy in the garden, camellia blooms were finished too.

  7. This is an intriguing question. I always find I have far more projects that I'm dreaming about than I have time and physical strength to make them happen. And then some are dependent on others (e.g., there's no point in putting in new flower beds in the front until after the addition goes on the front of the house, and that depends on finding an architect to design it and a contractor to build it) -- so I just try to prioritize, figure out what I can do this year, and keep the rest in the wish list category for now. Happy New Year! -Jean

  8. Dear Nell, I love this posting. I held back a long time before installing the pond I always wanted. I must admit lack of finances was a major factor. Your hyacinths hold all the promises of spring! P. x

  9. I suspect budget is the main reason for a lot of things, especially in these difficult times.

    One drawback for me has been the cost of heating. Our winters get so cold that trying to keep a greenhouse above freezing would be very expensive....then do I really want to invest that money for just a few months of enjoyment.....and so the internal discussion goes. I still haven't decided what I will do. In the meantime, my light setup on the back porch grows all the plants I need for the garden and costs nothing extra to heat.

    I do love the look and feel of yours. Who know....

    I have plans to do a dedicated herb garden this spring.

  10. Ironically, my husband and I went over our project list just the other evening. We plan on finishing the edging of all the flower beds with edging. And we are holding back on installing a wandering path because we have not yet decided on what type of path we would like...we will have to ponder on that one! Love your greenhouse!!!

  11. This is my first time visiting your blog so I wanted to say "hello" first. I have a lot of "someday" projects in mind and I think that my primary stumbling blocks are a lack of space and a lack of time. Other challenges for me include getting my wife to buy off on my plans and for some things a lack of confidence in my handiness skills.

  12. What a great greenhouse! Such a great place for potted bulbs and seedlings!

    I have several projects I want to accomplish this year. Usually the limiting factors are money and time. Ah, how amazing my garden could be! It will slowly get there..

  13. I'm one who is always oohing and aahing over greenhouses. Cost is the prime issue keeping it in dreamland but also research. Trying to figure out heating, placement and other issues makes it more like work than fun!

  14. Cost and space prevent me from having the greenhouse of my dreams. But yours inspires ... I'll make the space when I find the cash :)

    My immidiate "Gardening Goal" for 2012 is to fix up my pond - amongst others!

    I wish you a fantastic garden in 2012!

  15. We are in the progress of building momma a new greenhouse and I am very jealous when the hubby finishes hers I may have to start sweet talking him to build me a little one. I'm one of those pinterest


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