Sunday, February 19, 2012

Blowin' in the Wind

We knew severe thunderstorms were on the way Saturday night. We didn't expect to be without electricity for more than six hours. We certainly didn't expect to find panels blown out of the greenhouse this morning.

The single tulip left of two blooms was unscathed. 

After the lights went off and we were listening to a battery-operated scanner one dispatcher announced that the weather service had issued a warning that wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour and quarter-sized hail were possible. Oh, Oh.

If we had hail, we were not aware and see no signs of  hail damage today. Curiously, the greenhouse was the only real damage. Less litter on the driveway than we usually see, no limbs or trees down anywhere. During the night we heard of trees and limbs in the roadway and on power lines in three counties and the usual flooding that happens when a lot of rain falls quickly.

In the greenhouse, the smallest panel that blew out was a house-shaped one that goes into the gable end on the east side. It was nestled among pots and plants. Non-plant items like my tin butterfly and SEEDS sign fell down.

The vintage wood medicine cabinet that I put on the end of the potting bench and never secured blew over. One white pot blew off the back shelf of the potting bench.

An old thrifted paper mache' heart shaped box of pot-pourri I failed to photograph for Valentine's Day was soaked by rain that blew in. Everything is drying out.

When we got the doors open -- they were still secured by a bungee cord that holds them closed, but the header of the greenhouse on which they track was bent -- the fountain was still operating. I guess it kept its prime and restarted when the power came back one. The header is already straightened and the doors repaired where panels blew loose but did not blow out. A front wall panel beside the doors blew out as did another triangular upper panel.

The plants look to be in good shape.
The Bird of Paradise above has a new leaf forming.

Two rear corner panels behind the plants above blew out. All were still nearby, caught in shrubbery or lying on the ground except one that was across the yard caught against a fence. I didn't make pics of the damage, not pretty. The panels are back in place and secured.

Plants in pots outside were not harmed.
I had moved Gerbera daisies out because they prefer cooler temps in the daytime and can tolerate cool nights as long as it doesn't freeze. I trundle them back in if a freeze is predicted.

No freezes predicted for the next week but I keep saying, winter is not over. Winds are certainly not over, either.

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  1. I'm glad the damage was no worse than it was! We must have had some winds last night, too, though not so strong as yours. I found two of my wind chimes blown around and tangled. A bird feeder was on the ground. Everything here is soaked. And I am reminded that we are headed straight toward tornado season.

  2. Wow, Nell ~ You certainly had some wind up there. Glad you didn't have more damages than you did and that you were able to get things back to normal relatively easy and fast.

    Wishing you good weather the rest of the week.


  3. Nell, that sounds like some the storms we have here. I am glad the damage to the greenhouse was not permanent.

    I dread tornado season.

  4. Plants can be resilient at times, I hope any damaged plants recover soon. Here's hoping for a calm rest of winter.

  5. So sorry you had bad weather - and that you had some damage to your greenhouse. Glad that nothing else was damaged in the wind. Take care. It seems like winter is going out like a lion!

  6. We experienced the same wind gusts and power outage. Fortunately no damage this time. Last storm took down several trees....

    1. The smallest panel that blew out was a house-shaped one that goes into the gable end on the east side. It was nestled among pots and plants. Non-plant items like tin butterfly and SEEDS sign fell down.


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