Saturday, February 4, 2012

I Worry about the next Hard Freeze

It looks as if Spring came early.

Everybody needs swaths of daffodils in the lawn.
He-who-mows will go around these until the foliage ripens.

Three different views of the big pink Camellia.

China Pink is the earliest and the prettiest. I have them in the
greenhouse, too.

Daffodils just can't wait in this warm spell. These come up through
dry lantana foliage in the front beds.

Multi-flowering hyacinths have a looser habit than the more
formal Dutch hyacinths. These look much like the old-
fashioned Roman hyacinths we had when I was a child but
do not smell quite as sweet.

It's weeks until Spring on the calendar and I expect freezing weather is yet to come just when we're all complacent about it. A hard freeze will be hard on these plants that have gotten accustomed to warm. Bits of foliage are peeking out from under things like Brugmansias and Pentas that were killed back earlier. Meanwhile we're enjoying balmy temps and occasional showers.

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  1. NeilJean,
    I agree with you... 6 types of crocus blooming here now. Your hyacinths are way ahead of ours which are just up a few inches.

  2. I worry, too. I am in zone 7b, and I have four daffodils blooming and everything is sprouting...and something tells me winter has not finished its cycle. I hope it all works out...somehow...such strange weather this year.

  3. Jealous! Not really...but it must be wonderful to have all these pretty flowers blooming so early in February.

  4. The daffs looks beautiful in the natural setting of grass. I really like that style.

    I planted a few new ones last fall and am anxious to see them. The first should be the Tete a Tetes and they are up about 6 inches now.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for all of us with the warmer than normal weather. It is those occasional very cold days that hurt the gardens.

  5. I'm ready for spring, and I think the garden is too. I worry about a late cold snap. That could cause a lot of devastation to a lot of people. You are still ahead of me here. No daffodils yet, and no hyacinths.

  6. Lovely photos Nell Jean... amazing you have blooms so early. Thanks for joining in my "Walk in the Gardens" Challenge.

  7. We had a very mild winter here too... until last week.
    The temperatures have suddenly dropped to about -15°C (5°F), which we consider really cold. (This weekend, skating is possible on several ponds and lakes, and that hasn't happened in the last 10 years.)
    Yesterday we had a lot of snow, and the temperatures will stay low till the end of next week. But I love it, I'm so glad we have at least two weeks of real, real winter!

  8. We are enjoying milder temperatures than normal here as well, although spring flowers are still a long way off. Pictures of your flowering bulbs and pretty Camellia will do nicely for now.

  9. lovely spring flowers!! Think positive, it will stay warm, no arctic freezes this season ;-)

  10. Wow, it really is spring there. Yes, I would worry too. I know it will freeze again here before this winter is over. But for now enjoy those beautiful blooms. It makes me wonder what they will be doing on that well known golf course to stop the azaleas blooming before the tournament.

  11. Hello!
    Is the pink camelian in your garden?
    Unbelievable what a beautiful bush!
    I have 3 in pots placed on my summer porch.
    It is a comfortable temperature for them there.
    One of them is in bloom now :-)
    They are white double one of them has pink edge.
    HUGS from me

  12. Same here! I'm afraid the dogwoods are going to be blooming soon. In fact, one redbud tree has already started opening its buds!

  13. I don't really keep track of the blooms by the date on the calendar so much (other than the hellebore), but do these blooms really seem early to you?
    They seem normal to me, I'm used to seeing the daffydills n other narcissus start in December. Everybody seems to be right on time to me.

    I can't find the carrot seed I bought a coupla weeks ago, and that's driving me nuts... I keep procrastinating getting more... I really need to plant more food, after that last cold snap took out so much of my Autumn-planted cold season crops.

    I'm not going to be worried about the cold until the peach, pear, plum trees start to bloom.

    @ Deb... Seeing some redbud blooms here also.

  14. I think with every passing day with mild temps we are closer to spring....I have had some of my hyacinths up for over a month. Crazy.

  15. Miss Nell Jean your header picture is beautiful .. Makes me want to flop right down and stay awhile...hugs from Savannah, Cherry

  16. Your hyacinths are way ahead of mine here in the desert. Mine have only two or three inches of growth. This year I don't think there will be any hard freezes in February here. We've had mild temps during the day since the end of December.


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