Saturday, February 25, 2012

Outside the Hothouse

Not all my plants want to stay inside in the heat. Once my lettuces came up, they moved out onto Ike's little porch in the sunshine. If the weather gets really warm they may have to move around in a bit of afternoon shade on the north side. If we get an overnight freeze, I'll move them back inside. Lettuce can stand a short freeze but no need to set it back.

Lettuce seedlings, red Cimarron and green leafed Noga varieties from Renee's Seeds.
I'll pick baby leaves for salad until they're thinned, then let them grow into dense heads.

Gerberas like a cool greenhouse. Unless there
is a freeze, these remain outside looking in.

Pink species type Gerbera Daisy.

White muscari. I tucked a few bulbs in with violas back in December.

A second bud is just visible at bottom along with some viola seedlings from seed pods.
Violas and muscari prefer cooler temps outside to being in the hothouse.

Experimentation shows where plants are happiest. I don't put tenderest tropicals in the greenhouse. A Pothos inside my house is big-leaved and happy. A smaller rooted Pothos cutting has not thrived since it moved to the greenhouse where temps sometimes hover around 40F.

I have so many things I want to show you.
The cuttings I potted up yesterday in the greenhouse are Here. Some Like it Hothouse.

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  1. Wow, this is the first time i saw that white muscari in blogs, always see them in blue. I also saw it in person only once yet, of course in temperate climes. We don't have it in the dry tropics.

  2. You are ahead of me with the lettuce...I need to plant some inside soon.

    I love the white muscari. I planted a few last fall but so far see no signs of them at all...

    1. I'd never seen white muscari growing, either. These came in a packet of various bulbs. I didn't know what to do with them, so just tucked them in with violas. I can't remember exactly where I put the Dutch Iris and Ice Follies, either, lol. The tulips were pretty much a bust. I know not to buy these bundled combos but the pretty photos on the labels just tempt me so....

      Your muscari will be along, Glenda. You're just a few zones north, lol.

  3. I like the white muscari with the violets. Very spring-y.

  4. Bulbs playing hid and seek.....especially with such a specimen as the muscari popping it's head out from under the the viola spread. Very inspiring.

  5. I think that header photo is like one of the best on all the blogs I read. I like it not so much for its color and originality but for the representation I am sure it gives your readers of your garden. The shadows sure help too.

    Your gerberas looks so good. I have some in my greenhouse and they are baking a bit in all this heat recently. It might be time to move them out.

    Thanks for your comment on Pinterest and weighing in. It really is quite a racket but I suspect things like it will only grow with the web.

  6. Thanks, Tina, for the compliment. My seedscatter.wordpress blog has a similar view looking to the east.

    There's a lot of fine tuning in greenhouse growing in the deep south. I do a lot of trundling in and out. That short period of freeze we get on occasion is worth the effort it takes to keep things going inside.

  7. Wow Nell, how pretty is that Gerbera - an absolute beauty to my eyes!

  8. I love the white muscari! I planted some white and pale lavender ones once, and for some reason not a one came up. I wondered if some critter ate the little bulbs. The darker blue ones, however, came up with no problem!

  9. That gerbera is luscious. Love it. I've never seen white muscari either.


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