Tuesday, February 14, 2012

When I Kiss You

March, 2011

When I kiss you, lying on the grass
I feel the ancestors lifting through the loam
of their own bones, their ancient bodies,
into the sap of even the smallest branch, the nectar
of every flower--apple blossom, cherry,
wild plum, columbine, redwood orchid, wild radish,
and blue forget-me-nots.

When I kiss you, lying on the grass
women long married dream out their kitchen windows
the songs of their courtship.

When I kiss you, flowers in English gardens
explode into blossom, surprising
the ladies having tea, the gardeners
who pause in their labor and stand astonished
remembering the soft pastel dresses
and the sweet smell
of the girls they once danced with.
-- Elizabeth Herron

Secrets of a Seedscatterer      


  1. Sweet sentiments... and a beautiful image! Those butterflies capture my heart.

  2. What a beautiful poem. I am one of those long-married women dreaming out my kitchen window. And the lovely butterflies! I miss the abundance of butterflies I used to get in Massachusetts. I get lots of hummers here in the PNW, but not so many butterflies. I come here to your blog for my fix.

  3. Lovely photo and poem. How sweet.


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