Thursday, March 1, 2012

First March Views As March Comes in like a Lamb, sort of.

We were under a severe thunderstorm warning but it passed by along the county line and all we heard was a single clap of thunder.

Promise of Azalea blossoms is already attracting butterflies.
Here, a mislabled white tumbling down the slope, and Pink Pearl.

I counted Town Mousie's photos and posted the same number.
You can click on each to see them nice and big. 

I showed this Camellia before; it overlooks Boxwood,Wisteria with buds.

Daffodils are everywhere. poppies, and larkspur are growing.
Purple Heart is starting to sprout. I have new plans for companions.

Looking across the front yard toward the southeast.

Buffy and I burned the Muhly grass last week.
I dug and divided on clump, which needs a haircut where it didn't burn.
The field to the north burned today so Farmer Danny can start
spring plowing.  Here, looking over Sailboat daffodils to the north.

Looking northeast, what looks like 3 twigs are pear trees. Blueberries to the left are blooming.

Looking northwest over Tete a Tete and Jetfire daffodils.
Azaleas are ready to burst into bloom. Grape arbor in distance.

Paths in the Upper Garden.
I've pointed out pretties where I could.
My rule is to not explain about tasks left
undone or why some plants are out of place.

Hydrangea querciflora has new growth and
exfoliating bark. View across the oval garden
toward the northeast.

The pumphouse has a mirror instead of a window. The frame is mosaic, with bits of treaures.
From left to right, white Loropetalum, Gardenia hedge and Dogwood on the west side.

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  1. Love all your daffodils coming up everywhere! And your azaleas are going to be in full bloom and gorgeous soon! Spring has arrived!

  2. Your garden is starting to burst out all over! Lovely first of the month views.

  3. Daffodils are such a delight in the late winter. I'm really looking forward to mine - thanks for sharing yours!

  4. We haven't got daffodils yet so thank you for sharing yours - lovely blog!

  5. Those Camellias look fantastic. Not much popping out here yet (Indianapolis), but it won't be long as temps are expected to be very good for the next 10 days.

  6. Don't you just love the arrival of spring. .and all of the glorious colors!! Enjoyed your tour!


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