Monday, March 12, 2012

March Bloom Day Preview

It feels like Spring here. I can hardly wait for Bloom Day, so here's a little preview:


 Broad view of Upper Garden, azaleas and dogwood.

We are seeing Spicebush & Tiger Swallowtails and Sulphurs,
attracted to Azaleas and other delights.

Some Daffodils are done, others in bud.

Happy Viola faces

Boxwood and Loropetalum

Big poppy bud; the pink is a flag so He-who-
mows doesn't take out this little poppy patch.

Pentas are almost ready to transplant outside.

Please come back on Bloom Day to see what
blossoms lie up the steps and through the
little path besides azaleas.

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  1. Great group of azaleas ----love their spring presentation. I sure will be back on Bloom Day. Spring has arrived at your place!!

  2. Oh my gosh Jean ~ What beauty you have surrounding you there. Thank you for sharing.

    Belated Happy Birthday. Hope you had a lovely day.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. Oh you have my favorite temperate plants, wisteria and violas/pansies. The others are snowdrop, crocus, grape hyacinth and lupines. But you have the pentas, which are growing profusely here in the tropics. And that swallowtail is very lovely too. It is amazing how we gardeners wanted so much those which are not growing on our own lands.

  4. No wonder you couldn't wait! Your blooms are absolutely gorgeous. Look! You saved a seat for me in the Upper Garden. Thank you.

  5. Nell,I do love your spring garden! That bench with the azaleas and dogwood should be in a magazine.

    No butterflies or bees here yet.

  6. Hmmm...a bit of a show-off, there. But, glad you did.
    Someday, we're going to be in Georgia when the azaleas and dogwood are blooming....beautiful.

  7. Oh my goodness, can't imagine what else you have to share on the 15th!

  8. Oh, wow! Love those azaleas and dogwood together. What a lovely place to sit.

  9. Wow...look at your wisteria, just beautiful! This post is making me so excited for spring! Beautiful pics! Cheers Julia

  10. Wow, that is some color and bloom. You have such a lovely path in your garden, I love those azalea.


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